Our Ultimate Guide To Burgers

Our Ultimate Guide To Burgers

At Lifehacker, we consider every day of the year to be International Burger Day. But May 28 is the official day of celebration for burger connoisseurs. To make the occasion, we’ve assembled some of our tastiest burger posts for you to snack on. Whether you want to know how to make your own McDonald’s special sauce or revisit the colon-throttling horror of the “Colonel’s McWhopper”, you’ll find it all here.

Happy Burger Day, everybody! Below you’ll find some of our most popular burger posts divided into five categories: How To, Taste Test, Burger Factoids, Takeaway Truth and Burger Hacks. Click on the headlines to read the original articles. (Now I’m off to Grill’d to demonstrate my patty patriotism with a Crispy Bacon & Cheese. See you in about three hours.)

How To

Make The Perfect Burger Joint ‘Special Sauce’ At Home

Make the Perfect Burger Joint 'Special Sauce' at Home

Some folks will tell you that “special sauce” is just mayonnaise and tomato sauce, but there’s a little more to it than that. The right mix of basic ingredients and a few surprising spices will make your homemade burgers more mouthwatering than ever.

How To Make Your Own Big Mac

Image: Supplied

The Big Mac remains the most iconic of McDonald’s products, but you can reproduce the experience in your own kitchen with an amazingly accurate replica of the “special sauce” that helps define the Big Mac. The secret ingredient? Vegemite.

How To Scam A McOz-Style Burger From Hungry Jack’s For Just $2


How To Make Veggie Burgers That Taste Great And Won’t Fall Apart

Make Homemade Veggie Burgers that Taste Great and Won't Fall Apart

How To ‘Smash’ Your Burger For Maximum Flavour

Make Your Own In-N-Out Burger At Home

In-N-Out Burgertemporary pop-up restaurant in Sydney

McDonald’s Head Chef Explains How To Make A Big Mac At Home

a fewour own

How To Make Steamed Hamburgers

Mince Meat For Burgers Without A Mincer

Burger Hacks

Make The Most Bacon-Laden Burger Ever With The Bacon Weave

Flip Your Burgers As Often As You’d Like For Better Cooking

Make A Thumb Imprint In Your Burgers For Better Shaping

Any time can be BBQ time. So mince some meat, fire up the BBQ, and make a serious impression in your burgers with your thumb. It keeps them from bulging in the middle, and keeps your worst spatula instincts in check.

The Best Way To Shape Your Burgers For Even Cooking

The Best Way to Shape Your Burgers for Even Cooking on the Grill

Taste Test

Taste Test: McDonald’s Black & White Burgers

some pretty weird menu items in overseas marketsheibai liangdao tongchi

I Took My Wife To McDonald’s For Our Wedding Anniversary… And It Was Surprisingly Fancy

gentrified reinvention

Takeaway Truth + Taste Test: KFC Zinger Black Burger

Faking It: We Taste-Test Lord Of The Fries’ Imitation Meat Products

Taste Test: The McDonald’s Bunless Beef Double

Taste Test: The Colonel’s McWhopper Burger

Ramen Burger Australian Review: The Burger Revolution Is Here

Taste Test: The KFC ‘Double Double’ Challenge

Burger Factoids

Burgers In NSW Will Soon Suck: Here’s Why

40 Mouth-Watering American Burger Recipes For Your BBQ

Everything That Happens To Your Gut After Eating An Australian Big Mac [Infographic]

Ask LH: Do Angus Beef Burgers Really Taste Better?

The Ten Tastiest Burger Joints In Australia

McDonald’s new “Create Your Taste” menu allows customers to build some pretty unique burgers — including an all-beef take on the KFC Double. Intrigued? Here’s how to order one (and what it tastes like.)

Burger King Launches ‘Hands-Free’ Feedbag For Humans

Takeaway Burgers Can Be Healthier Than Takeaway Salads

The Perfect Burger Starts At 200 Grams

The Perfect Burger Starts at 7 Ounces

Can You Make A Cheeseburger For $1?

McDonald’s Doesn’t Use ‘Pink Slime’ In Australia

fervent online coverage

McDonald’s Finally Comes Clean On False Advertising (Kind Of)

Introducing The ‘Togo Burger’: A Suitcase For Your Fast Food

Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s ‘Twosdays’ Deal, Ever


Annihilate Your Taste-Buds With The ‘McEverything’ Burger

/”Noah’s Ark” burger

This Is Why America Is The Fattest Nation On Earth

Which Is Australia’s Favourite Fast Food Chain?

Takeaway Truth

Takeaway Truth: The Burger King Bacon & Sausage Croissan’wich


Takeaway Truth: Hungry Jack’s Grill Masters Fiery Angus

Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger

Aussie BBQ Angus Burger

Takeaway Truth ‘New Orleans’ Special: McDonald’s Bacon Habanero Ranch Quarter Pounder

Takeaway Truth: KFC Zinger Stacker And Kentucky Burgers

Takeaway Truth: Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper And Deluxe Country Burger

The Results Are In: Here Is Australia’s Worst-Looking Burger

the worst-looking fast food item

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