Taste Test: The KFC ‘Double Double’ Challenge [Video]

Taste Test: The KFC ‘Double Double’ Challenge [Video]

Watch us taste-test the KFC “Double Double”: two KFC Double burgers stacked on top of each other. (“Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies…”)

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Chief among them is the guy who came up with the KFC “Double Double” — an ungodly creation which takes something that was already evil and makes it precisely twice as bad. Like the biblical Satan, the KFC Double Double goes by many names; the Double x2, the KFC Quadruple, the Double Double Down Down, the Double Squared. Whatever you call it, the concept remains the same — take two KFC Double burgers and stack them together. In this simple manner, a new crime against humanity was born.

For those who remain blissfully ignorant, the Double is a limited-edition burger from KFC that substitutes bread for two pieces of Kentucky fried chicken. Sandwiched between these oily slabs of poultry are two bacon strips, a pair of cheese slices and a squirt of BBQ sauce. The Double is back in stores from today to coincide with the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. (Click here to check out our previous coverage.)

We thought it was a bit boring to simply taste-test the KFC Double, so we decided to kick it up a notch. In previous Taste Test installments, we’ve managed to survive the Noah’s Ark burger, the Colonel’s McWhopper, the world’s hottest chilli paste and the human placenta pizza. Against these titans of gastronomical punishment, the Double Double should be a piece of cake. Right?

In nutritional terms, the KFC Double Double packs in 4658kJ of energy, 73g of fat, 40g of carbs, 7.4g of sugars and 4720mg of sodium. Not a particularly light snack, in other words.

So why are we doing this? Believe it or not, there are people out there who actually indulge in these hideous bespoke creations. As we noted above, the Double Double goes by many names due to the number of customers who’ve built one. So think of this as a food review for more extreme readers.

I had every intention of tackling this challenge myself, but my stomach was feeling a bit off this morning (perhaps it was divine intervention?) This means that another member of the team got handed the poisoned chicken chalice. It took some convincing, but Goran Naumoski from sales agreed to give it a crack. Take it away, Goran!


  • Is the double available in WA this weekend? Our public holiday was last weekend.

  • Picked up a Double for lunch today and it was mighty delicious. Just able to fit it into my cutting macros but its going to be a strange dinner of protein shake and cruciferous vegetables tonight.

    Wouldn’t mind tackling the Double Double otherwise.

  • That does NOT appear to be a KFC-sanctioned beverage with that Double Squared

  • The double has to be hands down the best ‘limited’ run option KFC has ever come up with.

    Forget the nachos, the corn box, the zinger pie, and all of the other abominations, The double should be on the menu all the time. The only thing that could ever come close is something they had years ago, a piece of chicken with ham and cheese on top coated in the spices and deep fried.

    • I never heard of that KFC Parma before, id love to give it a go, i tried the Double Down a while back and i cant say it fully agreed with my lower intestinal tract, but i did enjoy the burger.

      • Dont. Its atrocious. The sauce is the worst type of Dolmio rubbish and its a reconstituted ‘fillet’. Anything reconstituted at KFC is vile.

      • That is the corn box i was refering too, just couldnt remember the name

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