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How to Fix Your iPhone When an iOS Update Causes Issues

Whether you’ve bit the bullet and installed a brand-new iOS beta on your iPhone or you’re updating to a new public release of iOS, the process usually goes swimmingly. When it doesn’t, however, the anxiety kicks in: How the heck do you fix an iPhone that almost works perfectly, save…

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How to Get Around Google’s New Photo Sync Limits on Android

For months we’ve all been stuck at home taking pictures of our cats, dinners and other noteworthy objects, and we’ve apparently been using a lot of bandwidth when backing them all up to Google Photos. As a result, Google announced today that it is limiting what Google Photos will automatically back…

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What Work Items You Can Claim on Tax This Year

Tax time evokes all sorts of emotions for Australian workers. It can be stressful to realise you owe money to the ATO but it can also be a much-needed surprise when it’s given back to you. To get a better chance at the latter, here are the work items you…