Chris Jager is the former editor of Lifehacker Australia. He is now the Senior Reviews Editor at Finder. He has been a full-time tech journalist for 10 years with stints across Business IT, IT News, Good Gear Guide and PC & Tech Authority. A former high school History and English teacher, he specialises in computing, home entertainment, gaming, video production and globsters. Chris’ interest in tech began at the age of four via the rubbery keys of a ZX Spectrum. When he’s not fiddling around with various gadgets his hands are kept full by his rapidly expanding family of squalling children (three at last count!).

  • RIP These Iconic Lollies and Snacks

    RIP These Iconic Lollies and Snacks

    As you may (most definitely) have heard at this point, a recent TikTok video has exposed a horrifying truth: it appears that Starburst lollies have been discontinued in Australia. TikTok creator @nariman.dein originally shared the video explaining that she had been searching for Starburst lollies in Woolies, Coles and Big W but was unable to…