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Lifehacker Australia runs all the best features and guides from the US and UK editions, eliminating the ones that are irrelevant locally while adding our own daily helping of tips and tricks.

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Organised across three key channels — Work, IT Pro and Life and — Lifehacker is all about actionable information you can use right now:


Posted monthly Comprehensive overview of the best current deals in Australia for mobile phones, internet access and more.

Lifehacker Reviews

Posted weekly Hardware, software and services tested by Lifehacker's expert staff.

Featured Workspace

Monthly The best work spaces and home offices from Australia and around the world.

Road Worrier

Monthly Tech advice and tips for travellers.

How I Work

Posted weekly The productivity tips and secrets of notable entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

How I Succeeded

Posted weekly We ask business leaders for the tactics behind their proven success.

Elevator Pitch

Monthly Startups explain their business strategies and future plans.


Posted weekly Microsoft Office tips, news and features.

Killer Interview Question

Posted weekly The tough, quirky and insightful questions that job applicants have been asked.


Posted weekly Trends and technologies IT workers need to know about to stay employed and improve their careers.


Posted weekly How to take full advantage of cloud technologies.


Posted weekly Guidance on ways to increase your chances of scoring that IT job you've always wanted.


Posted weekly The important IT security news and trends your organisation should be aware of.


Posted weekly Advice from leading tech analysts on how to do IT better at your organisation.


Posted monthly Money management and finance tips.


Posted monthly Monthly roundup of the best deals for credit cards, saving accounts and home loans.


Posted weekly How technology keeps us entertained and new developments in entertainment.

Ask Lifehacker

Posted daily Readers ask questions and get answers both from Lifehacker staff and from the wider Lifehacker community.


Posted weekly New insights into health & fitness.


Posted occasionally DIY know-how for weekend projects, home renovators and clever home hackers.

Taste Test

Posted occasionally Lifehacker puts its taste buds on the line testing new and unusual foods and beverages.

After Hours

Posted occasionally Carefully researched dating, sex and sexual health advice from the experts.



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Chris’ interest in tech began at the age of four via the rubbery keys of a ZX Spectrum. When he’s not fiddling around with various gadgets his hands are kept full by his rapidly expanding family of squalling children (three at last count!). Read Chris' articles here.