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porn watching internet

Is Watching Porn Harmful for Your Health?

Let’s be honest: during coronavirus lockdown it was hard to resist the allure of internet intimacy. Rates of watching porn skyrocketed in Australia during isolation. But have you ever wondered what effects consuming adult content can have on your health? We asked five experts whether watching porn is bad for…

melbourne outbreak coronavirus second wave

Could Melbourne’s Outbreak Reach Other Australian Cities?

Melbourne’s recent coronavirus outbreak serves as an important reminder that Australia’s fight with contagious virus is not yet over. The questions many are considering is whether the outbreak will spread nationally or if it could happen to other cities too as restrictions ease elsewhere. The reality is it’s hard to…

bed pillow

Bed Pillows to Help Relieve Neck Pain

If you wake up with a sore neck or back, or you’re managing existing pain when you go to bed at night, it’s probably time to consider replacing the pillows you’re sleeping on.