The rise of the selfie has driven a rift into society, bringing up a surprising number of issues over gender, class, age, religion and race. Wired's Jason Parham explores some of these in "When the Selfie Turns Sacrilegious", an essay on taking selfies in sacred or serious places such as mosques and art installations.


Mechanical problems, a lack of funding, and inconsistent schedules can make public transport a nightmare. What's worse, on the off chance you're blessed with a seat, you're probably running into more manspreaders, people (guess what kind) who decide their self-confidence requires more seat than they paid for. If you're sick of it, there are a few ways to combat the problem with panache.


Like most car enthusiasts, I regularly wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, drenched in sweat, screaming the phrase "save the manuals!" over and over. It's an issue that I've been working on with my therapist for months, but I think I've finally cracked it — I'm now done worrying about manuals going extinct.


The Happiest Place on Earth isn't so happy when you've been stuck in line for Space Mountain the past two-and-a-half hours on a sweltering Saturday in July, stress-eating a Mickey-shaped pretzel. Next time, avoid the theme park masses by analysing line data.


At some point or other, most motorists will wind up on the shoulder of the road next to a car with steam billowing from its hood. If you're one of these sad bastards, here's what you do.


I'm sure you have heard — and maybe even been taught — that driving with a focus on being slow into the turn and fast out is the quickest way around a corner. It is one of the most common phrases muttered by instructors worldwide, and yet despite this superlative fact, I am going to tell you why it's wrong.


Even if you can correctly identify the main parts beneath your car bonnet, you probably don't know how all those complex systems work. Here are ten fantastic videos that explain the basics - made by the car manufacturers themselves. Want to know how drum brakes work? Clutch transmissions? Car suspension? 4WD? Rotary engines? You'll find all the answers here.


Dear Lifehacker, I'm interested in getting a camera that has a remote control to take self-portraits. What do you recommend? I don’t mind something easy to use, it doesn’t need to be super high-tech, and I don’t like bulky cameras. Also is there some sort of mini tripod that goes with the camera? One I can put on a desk. Or do I need a regular tripod? I'm on a budget, I can spend maybe up to $2k all up? Eek, is that impossible?


It’s nearly impossible to keep your car’s paint looking perfect when you use it every day. It seems no matter what you do, highway debris, parking lot mayhem, and the sun’s UV rays do their fair share of damage to your pride and joy. Nothing short of a trip to a professional’s paint booth seems like a viable solution to the weathered appearance of your car.

Fear not! I’m going to show you some inexpensive and simple repairs that can help turn back the clock on your vehicle’s ageing bodywork.


Buying a brand new car for the first time is exciting. However, dealerships too often see first-time car buyers as easy targets because many of them lack the experience and knowledge on how to get a new car without being taken for a ride. Here are five of the most common mistakes first-time car buyers make (and how to avoid them.)