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Trash to treasure

Use These Apps to Transcribe Your Video Chats and Classes

While it sucks that smarter schools are shutting their campuses and switching to virtual learning, there’s one big, silver lining to this transition: It’s a hell of a lot easier to take notes, recordings, and automatically create full transcripts of your online classes and meetings.

assignment tips

5 Tips to Improve Your University Assignment Writing Skills

University life comes with its share of challenges. One of these is writing longer assignments that require higher information, communication and critical thinking skills than what you might have been used to in high school. Here are five tips to help you get ahead. 1. Use all available sources of…

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How to Block Rickrolls on Zoom

Nowadays, it feels like Zoom is never going to give us up, remote working is never going to let us down, and we’re never going to run around anywhere again, because we’ll be stuck in a quarantine for another year. And if that’s as much Rick Astley as you need…