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Ask Your Mentor These 40 Questions

Not everyone has — or wants — a mentor. But if you do have someone in your life who helps guide your professional and/or personal life, you probably want to make sure that you use your time with them wisely. A lot of energy and effort go into mentoring someone,…

winter desserts

Decadent Winter Desserts that are Super Easy to Make

There’s nothing more satisfying than ending your day with a gobsmackingly delicious dessert to stave off the winter chills. You want something warm, maybe gooey, and full of flavour to keep you in your happy place. While we can appreciate all the fancy desserts out there, sometimes you just want…

homemade face masks

Do Homemade Face Masks Help Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus?

You’ve probably seen calls for DIY fabric face masks in recent weeks, and if you have a sewing machine perhaps you’ve made some yourself. Now there are new recommendations that that Victorians should be wearing masks over the next few weeks. In that case, homemade fabric masks could be a…