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Let’s Lift Some Sandbags

It’s a new month and a new fitness challenge, friends. Time to pick up a sandbag! And then put it down. And then pick it up again. Yep, keep going. Just a few more reps.

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PSA: Extra Hygiene Precautions Won’t Weaken Our Immune Systems

During the COVID-19 pandemic we’re constantly being reminded to practise good hygiene by frequently washing our hands and regularly cleaning the spaces where we live and work. These practices aim to remove or kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and thereby minimise our risk of infection. But there have been…

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Do Something Actually Fun With Your Kids

Every morning I awaken to the same question: “Daddy, will you play with me?” (I mean “awaken to” to be taken literally here; usually this question is posed loudly to me by a three-year-old hovering several centimetres away from my sleeping face.) And, though I am not proud to admit…