You Are Allowed To Eat One Cheeseburger On Cheeseburger Day

You Are Allowed To Eat One Cheeseburger On Cheeseburger Day

September 18 is National Cheeseburger Day. That’s right; the humble cheese slice and beef patty encased in a bun has its own food holiday. Even if you’re on a strict diet, you need to partake in one cheeseburger today. It’s the law.

“Cheeseburger Day” might be a stupid, meaningless gimmick – but it’s also a perfect excuse to cut loose one day each year. Just remember: a single burger isn’t going to hurt you – in fact, it can even be healthier than a store-bought salad, depending on the dressing. So head to your local burger joint and go nuts!

Once you’ve got your burger in hand, kick back and enjoy some of our favouroite burger posts, which we’ve assembled below. It’s all here: from the top 10 hamburger joints in Australia to our most fearsome DIY burger creations.

We’ve divided our menu into four tasty categories: How To, Taste Test and Burger Factoids. Click on the headlines to read the original articles. Bon appetit!

How Tos:

How To Steam A Good Cheeseburger In Your Pressure Cooker

Turn Burger Patties into Edible Bowls for the Ultimate Bunless Burger

How To Make Your Own Carl’s Jr-Style Cheeseburgers

How To Make Beer Can Bacon Burgers

Image: Supplied


How To Make Veggie Burgers That Taste Great And Won’t Fall Apart

Make Homemade Veggie Burgers that Taste Great and Won't Fall Apart

How To ‘Smash’ Your Burger For Maximum Flavour

Add Iced Water To Burger Patties To Keep Them Moist

Add Ice Water to Burger Patties to Keep Them Moist

how to pack the patties correctlyhow to make steamed burgers

How To Make Black Burgers

You’ve seen Burger King Japan’s
black cheese burger. You’ve seen McDonald’s black burger. You may have even read the Kotaku review. Now, learn how to make your own using squid ink and bamboo charcoal. (Warning: If you get squeamish around dead sea creatures, maybe sit this one out.)

How To Mince Meat For Burgers Without A Mincer

Taste Test:

I Took My Wife To McDonald’s For Our Wedding Anniversary… And It Was Surprisingly Fancy

gentrified reinvention

Taste Test: McDonald’s Black & White Burgers

some pretty weird menu items in overseas marketsheibai liangdao tongchi

Taste Test: The McDonald’s Bunless Beef Double

Taste Test: McDonald’s Home Delivery Service Is Kind Of Awful

Grill’d Mac: I Put Big Mac Sauce On A Grill’d Burger And Created Something Magical

As part of its “Mac It Special” campaign, we were sent a bottle of Big Mac sauce. Rather than preserve it or flog it, I decided to take up the challenge of putting it on just about everything.

Burger Factoids:

The Ten Tastiest Burger Joints In Australia

This Is The Unhealthiest Burger In Australia

Image: Supplied

The Perfect Burger Starts At 200 Grams

The Perfect Burger Starts at 7 Ounces

The Most Revealing Responses To McDonald’s ‘Our Food Your Questions’ Campaign

Annihilate Your Taste-Buds With The ‘McEverything’ Burger

/”Noah’s Ark” burger


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