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The McDonald's McRib is a fan favourite in the US, but its appearance in Australia has been extremely fleeting, with multi-year dry spells between each appearance. But never fear: this homemade version is easy to make and tastes even better.


"Is McDonald's open on Good Friday?" "What about Easter Sunday?" "Is it open on Easter Monday?"

These are questions our intrepid fast food reporters get asked every April. Personally, we're not sure how anybody could have room for a Big Mac and fries after all those chocolate eggs - but some Aussies have prodigious appetites.


The McDonald's McGold Card is a food-redemption ticket that provides the owner with free, unlimited McDonald's for life. The existence of the card gained international attention after actor Rob Lowe flashed his on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2015. Since then, it has been revealed that a range of VIPs and celebrities have their own version of the card - from Bill Gates to Warren Buffett. So how do 'normal' people go about getting one? Here are the details.


KFC is re-imagining Mexican nachos as 'Chachos' - a cheese-and-salsa laden snack that substitutes corn chips for chicken tenders. If you're salivating at the thought of this fast food mashup, we've got some unfortunate news: you can only buy it between the hours of 2am and 3am from a food truck in Melbourne CBD. No, really.


In 1990, two significant things happened: I had a dinosaur-themed birthday party, and McDonald’s changed their french fry recipe. One might argue that someone who was four in 1990 couldn’t possibly remember the iconic flavour of the original McDonald’s fry, but I remember my dinosaur-themed birthday party in extreme detail, so checkmate, Aristotle.


I am a worldly woman of much class, which is why one of my favourite things about travelling is seeing what the local talent at international McDonald’s have to offer, particularly in terms of dipping sauces and McFlurry options.

I’ve dined on Cadbury McFlurries in England and dipped my nuggets in La Sauce Curry in France, but these instant noodle-flavoured “Shake Shake” fries from Hong Kong are something truly special.


The beer-and-burger combo is beloved by pretty much everyone - which makes it blessedly easy to get your paws on while travelling abroad. This infographic lists 20 of the world's tastiest beer and burger pairings; from the Brazil's Grill Burger with Skol to South Africa's Springbok Burger with Carling Black Label. But be warned: the Australian nomination is awful.


There's no room in life for sub par burgers. If your local takeout shop isn't cutting the mustard, you need to upgrade to a tastier establishment immediately. According to TripAdvisor's customer review data, these are the best ten burger places in Australia. (Note: The following descriptions and photos may cause extreme taste-bud torture. You have been warned.)


Today, Maccas is bringing a little fire back to its menu with the return of Spicy McNuggets! In addition, it's launching an all new product dubbed the Spicy Double McChicken burger. We chugged down some milk and taste-tested both products - here is our verdict.


When it comes to chips, fast food establishments do it best. It’s not that they use the freshest potatoes (they don’t), or that they have some secret seasoning (it’s salt), or even the fact that they deep fry (it’s a good tactic, but not necessary). The secret, my friends, is that they’re double cooked.


As we've opined in the past, burritos are the perfect fast food. They're even more perfect than pizza (case in point: you can't wrap a pizza in foil and stick it in your jacket pocket.) This infographic from Fairmont Hotels breaks down everything you need to know about seven popular burrito styles - from their storied history to the ingredients you need to make your own.


"Is Macca's open over the Australia Day weekend?" This is a question more Aussies ask themselves than you might think. The good news is that there will be plenty of McDonald's stores offering piping hot Big Macs on January 28 - you can find the nearest available outlet to your location here.


Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images to what you actually get served. More often than not, the discrepancy is striking. Here are the best and worst examples of 2018.


Stadium food is horrendously expensive and unhealthy, but it's part of the fun of a sports game. And even if you're trying to stick to a diet, you're going to be at the game for a couple hours - so as a human, you're going to have to eat something. Here's how to navigate the world of beer and meat pies.