Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger

Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger

Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger.

The Aussie BBQ Angus Burger is the latest premium offering from Ronald’s fancy M Selections range. It packs in an Angus beef patty, a rasher of bacon, cheese, caramelised onions, tomato, whole leaf lettuce, BBQ sauce, mayo and beetroot between a chilli chive bun.

Here’s the nutritional damage:

Average Quantity Per Serve Average Quantity Per 100 grams
Energy (kJ) 2950 997
Protein (g) 31.3 10.6
Fat, total (g) 42.0 14.2
Saturated (g) 16.0 5.4
Carbohydrate (g) 48.9 46.5
Sugars (g) 11.2 3.8
Sodium (mg) 1350 456

With the Golden Arches moving steadily towards bespoke products with its Create Your Taste range, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a limited-edition burger. So is the Aussie BBQ Angus Burger a welcome return to tradition or the last gasp of a dying menu model? Let’s take a look.

Here’s the Aussie BBQ Angus Burger as it appears in McDonald’s advertisements. Pretty tasty looking, eh?

And here’s what we actually got served from a Blaxland restaurant:

Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger
Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s Aussie BBQ Angus Burger

It’s the last gasp of a dying menu model. This is a terrible, terrible assembly. While the ingredients are pretty spot on, they appear to have been churned together and shot out of a canon in the general direction of the buns.

Interestingly, McDonald’s has really lifted its game when it comes to Create Your Taste burgers — more often than not, the customer creations are built layer by layer with an almost fastidious amount of care. Meanwhile, the assembly-line burgers seem to be getting worse than ever. Tch.

Truth Rating: 3/10

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  • Thought it looked OK then saw that it actually looks like. Oh. The top image looks like it’s what you got but must be staged too. Just horrible in real life.

    Aren’t all the burgers angus beef anyway?

    • That was actually a stopgap image — and a good example of the effort McDonald’s puts into its Create Your Taste burgers, as mentioned in the review. I’ve now swapped it to the correct product.

    • Nah…three types of patty. 10:1 (10 patty’s to make up one pound) found on your cheeseburgers, hamburgers and big macs. 4:1, the Quarter Pounder, can’t remember if it’s on any other burgers. Then the Angus which I believe is slightly bigger than the quarter pounder. All beef, but the Angus is supposedly well…Angus Beef.

      I’d have to agree with the article…seems like they’re just not giving any care to the original menu assembly and focusing all on the overly priced create a burger. Glad I quit maccas before they brought this in.

  • To my mind, it is high-time fast food places were hauled up to the relevant trading standards people. There’s no other industry where the advertised products are allowed to differ so much from the real ones.
    If they can’t serve the majority of items looking even remotely like their pictures then they mustn’t be allowed to use those pictures.

  • I’m not defending the product here, but ridiculously underexposed images (especially of food) are always going to look like rubbish.

  • Maccas here serve it pretty much like the photo.A truly great feast and very tasty and filling.Next for you guys to try is the KFC Caesar twister.The one I got was so “twisted”there was hardly any filling in it.The TV ad bears absolutely NO resemblance to what you get ripped off for.Let’s hear your views.Caesar would turn over in his grave if he saw this named after him.

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