The Results Are In: Here Is Australia's Worst-Looking Burger

Last week, we invited readers to vote for the worst-looking fast food item from Takeaway Truth; an ongoing series where we compare takeaway advertising images to what you actually get served. In all, the poll received over 750 votes with the majority of nominations going to one specific offender. And the "winner" is...

Burger picture from Shutterstock

The KFC Parmy Stacker Burger!

We can't say we're particularly surprised by this result. Just look at it. At the time, we awarded the Parmy Stacker Burger a slightly overgenerous 'Truth Rating' of 4/10. I'm not sure what I was thinking. On reflection, a score of 2/10 would have been a lot more fitting.

In a field of 15, the Parmy Stacker Burger managed to take out nearly 50 per cent of the vote. Second place went to Hungry Jack’s hideous Ultimate Double Whopper, which amassed 100 votes in total. The rest of the top five was filled out by the Subway Meatball Sub, the KFC Grilled Taster Box and the McDonald's Son of Mac.

You can see how the results panned out for each of the top ten finalists below:

Most of the "winning" meals fell down due to poor assembly (a recurring theme with burgers in particular) while the KFC Grilled Taster Box was deceptively large in the poster. The Ultimate Double Whopper and Parmy Stacker Burger, meanwhile, bore almost no resemblance to the advertisement.

Next week, we'll be taking a look at Domino's ultra-deluxe World Class Wagyu pizza range. See you then!

Which fast food franchise or menu item would you like us to tackle this year? Let us know in the comments section below.


    The KFC Stacker looks the most different compared to the advertisement, but the McDonald's Breakfast Wraps looks the most disgusting.

      ...if only they just looked disgusting.

    my parmy stacker deffo didnt look like that. and it was quite nice. it obviously depends on where you buy it

    I'm kinda glad I missed out on the Parmy Stacker. The ad's haunted me for months, then when I finally succumbed it was gone.

    You should definitely check out the McDonalds Aussie Angus; that's just begging to be fiction in the website image.

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