Annihilate Your Taste-Buds (And Colon) With The ‘McEverything’ Burger

Annihilate Your Taste-Buds (And Colon) With The ‘McEverything’ Burger

If you thought our recent /”Noah’s Ark” burger was pretty hardcore, think again. A blogger in the US has created the ‘McEverything’ — a mountain-sized artery-clogger consisting of 43 seperate menu items.

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Nick Chipman at Dude Foods clearly isn’t a man who lives by half-measures: his motto is probably “go large, or go home.” As recently chronicled on his website, Chipman spent over $140 to build a massive McDonald’s sandwich dubbed the ‘McEverything’.

To create his mammoth burger, Chipman purchased every “sandwich” that McDonald’s offers in the US and then stuck it all together with bamboo sticks. Which makes it more of a kebab than a burger, but we’re willing to let the error slide (it’s bad karma to speak ill of the soon-to-be-dead).

“When it comes to food $141.33 can get you a lot; in fact, it’s more than enough for a pretty decent meal for two at a really nice restaurant,” Chipman explained.

“Or you can do what I did recently and spend that exact same amount buying one of every single sandwich — breakfast sandwiches included — that McDonald’s offers.

“Actually, I should correct myself. The price of the sandwiches was $140.33… the extra dollar was for the Diet Coke that I added to my order.”

A Diet Coke? Either Chipman is taking the piss, or he refrained from adding up the nutritional information on all those greasy wrappings — somehow, we doubt a Diet Coke is going to improve his waistline after feasting on that monstrosity.

Apparently, eating the McEverything burger was part of his bucket list:


“Instead of things like sky diving, swimming with sharks or other death defying feats of adventure that you’d find on most typical bucket lists mine is completely food related.”

We sincerely hope it was the last thing that needed ticking off.

[Via Dude Foods]

We have a challenge for our readers — if anyone is daring or foolhardy enough recreate the McEverything, send in your photos and we’ll publish them along with the hero-worship you deserve. Alternatively, you could apply the same concept to a different fast food chain. Just don’t sue us if you contract terminal Whopperitis.


  • All the Americanisms in that make it quite hard to read (calling a burger a sandwich, combined with how much of the text is in inverted commas & quoted from an American site). That sets off my nerves every single time (much like the word “youse”, mixing up “there” “they’re” and “their”, and instasmudge images).

    I know it’s not your fault though, just quoting someone else so there’s not much that can be done about it. I’ll just retreat to my corner and rock back and forth for a while.

    • Well, I did put sandwich in quotation marks. Also, the creation included breakfast wraps and other non-burgery things, so in this context ‘sandwich’ is as good a name as any other.

  • Wow, I’m still having to get my posts approved? I’m surprised that’s going on for so long considering I only got voted down because some people couldn’t handle a difference of constructive opinion. It’s not like I have ever linked to malware, used bad language or been personally abusive on here (unlike some of the replies I received). How long can I expect this to go on for?

  • So… much… bun…

    I might hazard a “McEverything” with their toughest bun-top and bun-bottom at the top and bottom respectively, and all the contents skewered in between. But that is a HEAP of sugary bread-like material. Nope. Nope nope nope.


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