One Simple Accessory Will Give You Next-Level Stuffed Burgers

One Simple Accessory Will Give You Next-Level Stuffed Burgers
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Summer is barbecue season and if you’re sick of plain old sausages and meat patties then look no further. A burger is never a bad thing but have you considered taking it to the next level with a stuffed burger patty?

Stuffed burgers may seem like a lot to handle but don’t be daunted. They’re easy to make, delicious to eat and all you need is one simple accessory to get it right.

How to make a stuffed burger

To make a stuffed burger you’ll need a lot of the same ingredients you would for a regular one.

For starters, you’ll need some mince. Purchase a pack from your local supermarket or butcher and mix it in a bowl with an egg or even add some breadcrumbs. I haven’t tried a vegetarian edition of a stuffed burger but I assume it works the same if you can use vegan mince.

Next, gather ingredients to stuff your burger with. Think of items that will cook well inside a meat patty. Things like cheese, bacon, garlic, sauce and jalapenos are a safe bet, but feel free to get creative.

stuffed burger patty
Image: Lauren Rouse

For the next part, please allow me to sing the praises of the stuffed burger press. This is slightly different to a traditional burger press because it provides both a mould for your mince and a smaller press to create the well in the centre. This is the key to making the best stuffed burger around.

Stuffed burger presses are usually inexpensive and can be ordered online or found at kitchen retailers. Generally, something like this one from Amazon will do the job.

Alternatively, you can mould your patty by using a small circular bowl or food ring. You can even try it by hand if you have time.

After creating your mould you’ll want to stuff it to the brim with your filling. Then place a lid of mince on top and seal it all together.

Then it’s time to take it to your barbecue. The stuffed patties are a fair bit bigger than your average, so they’ll take around 15 minutes or so to cook through.

stuffed burgers
Images: Lauren Rouse

The result should look something like this, aka the tallest burger you’ve ever seen with fillings that melt in your mouth on the first bite.

This is definitely a king-sized meal, so make sure you’re hungry. However, I can safely say it’s worth it stuffing yourself over (pun intended). You’ll never go back to a plain old patty after eating a stuffed burger.

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