Ramen Burger Australian Review: The Burger Revolution Is Here

Ramen Burger Australian Review: The Burger Revolution Is Here

Sydney: don’t you deserve a better class of burger? Meet your new summer fling: the Ramen Burger.

What Is It?

The Ramen Burger is exactly what it says on the tin: a delicious beef pattie (or tofu if you are so inclined), complete with iceberg lettuce, Spanish onion, chilli sauce, tangy mayo, all sandwiched between two crunchy slabs of fried ramen.

It will run you about $13.50 and it’s made by the geniuses over at On Ramen in Haymarket. Sydney’s night noodle markets will carry it for the month of October.

What’s Good?

First of all, you expect the Ramen Burger to be slightly less cohesive as a sandwich. Ramen is traditionally served in a bowl with soup, not as the scaffolding holding your food together. But my God, this is a sight to behold.

It’s almost like crunchy noodles cut into a perfect fried circle and topped with delicious sesame seeds. Perfection.

Then there’s the taste. Whoa! It will blow you away how genuinely tasty and satisfying the Ramen Burger really is. The meat is fresh and succulent and spiced perfectly as it interacts with the spicy and tangy flavours found when two complementary sauces collide. Add crisp iceberg lettuce and tangy Spanish onion and you’ve got yourself a taste sensation.

The burger is also served with grated carrot and sliced seedless watermelon for a delicious palate cleanser post-burger.

In short: this burger is so tasty that you’ll be sad it’s gone and will happily join the giant line just to taste it again.

What’s Bad?

Honestly, I can’t fault this burger. It changed my life when I ate it. What let me down was that the burger of the gods was served disastrously slowly. If you’re at a market, the key expectation is fast, affordable street food. This is neither fast or affordable.

Thankfully it’s worth both the wait and the cost.

Should You Buy It?

Haven’t you been reading? YES! Get one as soon as you can and never let it go.

Want to recommend other street food we should try? (Chain stores can’t have all the glory!) Tell us in the comments.

Image: Jessica Chandra


      • Damn those people who say literally when they actually mean figuratively…
        Oh wait, it actually changed your life, I’m gonna need to get some of that stuff…

  • Looks like there is a cigarette sticking out of the top of it? Did you ask for the “Smoked” version or is it specifically for the smoker?

  • I tried this burger at the night noodle markets on Saturday. It WAS genuinely tasty and a burger I’d seek out and buy again. However the wait was terrible, and it was just the Ramen beef burger that took so long. The Ramen pork rib burger and tofu burger were being served fast and plenty other stalls were serving fast.

  • I saw this article yesterday so went to their actual store in Haymarket to try it. I got the Chicken Teriyaki version though. It was pretty tasty but very messy to handle and definitely not worth the money as it is so small. $7 would be a more fitting price..

  • I went and had this. I will let you decide if it was a good experience or not: paid $12.50, waited 30 minutes, received ramen burger about the size of my palm, four cubes of watermelon and a piece of lettuce on the side – I think this was meant to be salad. The ramen burger included – two rounded pieces of ramen noodles fried black on each side, a 2.5cm thick and 5cm diameter patty which tasted sort of like beef, a single slice of tomato, two pieces of lettuce and some mayonnaise.
    I’m not sure why you would want to travel all the way from fairfield to the city to eat this… could have easily made this at home for less than half the cost (in terms of time and money) and it would’ve tasted a lot better.

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