How To Make Steamed Hamburgers

How To Make Steamed Hamburgers

I know — it sounds like a Simpsons line, what with the Steamed Hams and all, but it turns out that Steamed Hamburgers do actually exist. If you’re feeling brave, here’s how to prepare them.

I stumbled across this particular culinary oddity after a Facebook discussion with a friend of mine relating to the classic Simpsons lunch between Principal Skinner and Superintendent Chalmers. This one, to be precise.

That led me to searching out if anyone had actually tried to make a Steamed Hamburger at all. What surprised me was that not only had it been done, but it had been done as a regular menu item, not just a shock value snack. For what it’s worth, it’s not, as Skinner would have us believe, an Albany expression, but instead a Connecticut recipe.

Before you ask, you don’t steam the entire hamburger, bun and all. Instead, you steam the meat, and, optionally, the cheese. There are in fact plenty of recipes, but it all boils (pun not intended) down to a simple concept using steam to cook the meat and melt cheese, either in a pan or using already washed out cans if you were, for example, camping. Given that my oven is currently dead, I think I know what I’m cooking for dinner tonight.

Now, repeat after me: “Mmm. Steamed Hams!”

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