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McDonald's employees know more about the company's food than anyone. After all, they spend all day cooking, handling and serving the stuff. They subsequently have a pretty good idea of which menu items are great and which are best avoided. Here are four McDonald's products that they are happy to serve you - but would never eat themselves.


My name is Anthony and I'm a burgeraholic. Whenever I travel I make it a point to try out a burger place. As well as the burger, I like to check out the sides - I have a soft spot for great sweet potato fries as well. Today, I landed in San Francisco and discovered a burger spot I hadn't noticed on previous trips. Super Duper Burgers, on Market Street near the corner of 3rd, offers a decent burger at a reasonable price. Here's my Super Duper Burger experience.


Roy Morgan Research has released its figures for Australian takeaway consumption in 2018. The report includes the average number of takeaway visits per month and the ten most popular chains in the country. While the featured restaurants aren't surprising, the ordering did cause us to raise an eyebrow. Domino's Pizza and Subway aren't as popular as you might think.


There's something aesthetically pleasing about a perfectly formed hamburger patty; especially when it has those little symmetrical grill marks. However, it turns out that smashing your patty during the cooking process actually imparts more flavour. Check out the video to see how it's done.


The KFC Zinger Double Down King is an "all meat" burger comprising cheese, bacon and a beef patty sandwiched between two KFC breast fillets. In other words, it takes the OTT concept of the KFC Double and elevates it to ludicrous proportions.

Tragically, the Double Down King isn't available in Australia, but don't let that stop you from sampling its colon-clogging delights - as the following taste test demonstrates, it's possible to build your own. The results are spectacular... and probably a bit lethal.


My favourite thing about writing about food on the internet is all the shouting. Certain foods court it - pizza, eggs, and ribs all have very rabid fans (and, in the case of eggs, haters) with lots of opinions - but burgers seem to be a particularly contentious part of western cuisine.


There are burgers, and then there are burger-themed projects, and the Jucy Lucy — AKA Juicy Lucy or Juicy Luicy (which is how I spell it) — is quite the delicious project. Rather than melt the cheese on top of the burger patty, this meaty wonder holds a treasure trove of melted freedom cheese on the inside.


Burgers have gotten out of hand. Not only are bistro pubs and hip bars topping them with everything from avocado to pork belly (both of which detract and distract), but the patties themselves are just too darn thick. A burger is not a steak; a burger is a sandwich, and a sandwich is about balance between all the fillings.


Alas, my McDouble-loving friends, it appears McDonald's has sent the popular burger off into the sunset. From what we know, it won't be replaced with the McSingle, or the McTriple, leaving fans to make do with less-thrifty substitutes.