rental scam

Australians Have Been Hit With a Spike in Rental Scams

Coronavirus restrictions have presented an opportunity for a new type of scam — rental scams — resulting in $300,000 in losses since this time last year, Australia’s consumer watchdog has warned. The ACCC has said accommodation and rental scams are on the rise as Australians turn to virtual inspections in…

sim-only, phone plan screens

Why Our Screens Leave Us Hungry for More Social Interaction

COVID-19 has seen all the rules change when it comes to social engagement. Workplaces and schools have closed, gatherings have been banned, and the use of social media and other online tools has risen to bridge the gap. But as we continue to adapt to the various restrictions, we should…

aussie holiday ideas

Pack Your Bags Because Here Are 101 Aussie Holiday Ideas

Australia is a vast country containing eight climate zones and many more beautifully unique landscapes. While it might be tempting to escape overseas, there’s so much to see here you’ll never get it all done in a lifetime. Here’s 101 Aussie holiday ideas to keep you closer to home. Holiday…