How To Scam A McOz-Style Burger From Hungry Jack’s For Just $2

How To Scam A McOz-Style Burger From Hungry Jack’s For Just $2

‘The Aussie’ is a somewhat pricey McOz competitor from Hungry Jack’s that comes with bacon, egg, beetroot, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce. Here’s a sneaky hack that will land you a similar burger for less than a third of the price.

A little known fact about Hungry Jack’s is that you can add salad to any burger free of charge — lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion; you name it. As long as you’re not adding meat or other premium items the total cost remains unchanged.

Presumably this is an attempt by the company to encourage healthier eating. It also allows savvy customers to create inexpensive versions of deluxe burgers such as the Aussie by starting with a bare-bones option.

At $7.25 for a standalone burger, the Aussie is one of Hungry Jack’s costliest menu items. However, by using the aforementioned salad trick, you can get the price down to as low as $2. Explains OzBargain reader T_double_U:

I asked for a sausage omelette muffin with salad, beetroot and mayo. Low and behold; “That’ll be $2, please drive forward.” The Aussie Battler Burger was born!

As T_double_U notes, adding bacon will set you back an extra dollar, but that’s still less than half the price of a regular Aussie burger. You’ll also need to get your burger fix before 11am to take advantage of the $2 muffin deal.

Naturally, if you would prefer to eat your ‘Aussie’ burger at a more conventional time, the same logic can be applied to a Whopper or cheeseburger for a saving of $2.05 and $4.75, respectively. (We contacted Hungry Jack’s and the company confirmed that it offers free extra salad on its burgers, including beetroot. Hurrah!)

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  • I want to express my rapid devotion to the holiness of lifehacker, but I am dismayed that you are posting from the forum bucket of ozbargain? That this could honestly be anything but a SCAM, a dishonest portrayal of street corruption, not seen since the days of Al Capone ensures that that us truth seekers, like Edward Snowden, must resist the tyranny of lesser burger companies and indulge ourselves in the heavenly splendour of what really matters: real food, cooked at home by the people we love and admire the most .

    Recently, I saw a movie about a similar con, it was called ‘American Hustle’. Although it was a movie about political corruption and fake shieks in the land of the free, the gist of the movie had me imagining what would really happen if you substituted the sweet burger bread for the less interesting mcmuffin bread. Have you ever wondered why the smell of fresh bread in the morning makes you feel so good when you climb of bread and wander down the cobbled streets of gay paris?

    In the realms of what is and what isn’t a scam, this would have to be a massive loss for Burger King and could be constructed as utter fabrication and contempt for the great Australian dream: the real Aussie burger. It could be anywhere, hiding amongst us – but here we find it – in a post on lifehacker and if my honour shall serve and if Chris, you will have my first born child, I will assign the lord and protector of the McNewsworthy, my favourite burger of choice on lifehacker.


    • Hungry jacks lets you add salads forfree, whats the friggen problem, if i order a plain hamburger with all the free salads

    • Out of the fog came a comment constructed of the purest sarcasm. So pure that it perplexed many of its fellow commenters. “Crazy”, “Nonsense”, “Huh?” they cried, unable to see the true mastery before them.


      C’mon you lot, don’t waste three paragraphs of what is probably one of the most carefully worded comments I’ve read on Lifehacker, read them and all should become clear:

      Jorez Lopez is taking the piss.

      Jorez Lopez: Nice one.

    • Shame on you for writing such crap! Do you own a hungry jacks franchise? Very un Australian to suggest we support large corporations and not dupe them out of a piece of tomato and some shredded lettuce. They earn millions of dollars and pay their workers minimum wage. The fact that they do offer these extras for free doesn’t make it a scam. The fact that they do not tell their customers it is free makes ithem the scammers. You are either naive, stupid, own a franchise or are not An Aussie. Seriously comparing having limp salad on my muffin is not in the same ballpark as scams on American Hustle. The movie sucked and so do you!!!

  • I realise that in general the Hungry Jack’s burgers are unhealthier than McDonalds burgers…but damn they are tasty!

    • They’re pretty par for the course, neither of them are actually ‘healthy’ and both are cholesterol ridden, it’s just which one you want to clog your arteries that .001% more.

  • Well that’s all fine except it would be about 1/3 of the size of an aussie burger, tastes different (the sausage is not the same as a burger patty) and has muffins instead of burger buns.

    Might have been more revealing to show a picture of the ghetto-aussie burger next to a real one.

    • I never said it was identical. Quibbles aside, the point is that you can turn a $2 snack into a McOz-style burger without paying anything extra.

      I like your idea about supplying a photo though. Watch this space. 😛

    • actually the meat patty in the ‘sausage’ muffin is the same meat as the one in the cheeseburger, bacon deluxe, whopper junior, etc.

      changes in policy/procedure late last year.

  • This is not true of ALL Hungry Jacks stores. As an ex-employee, I used the “free upgrade” from cheeseburger to Whopper Jr. all the time. And told all my friends about it too.
    However I found out there are some stores that don’t follow the “free salad” option. Instead charging 20 cents per change. Lettuce, tomato, onion and beetroot will cost 80 cents. I was told this might be due to differences in non-franchised stores, which also get a staff card allowing discounts at other stores. Something that franchised own stores don’t give their employees.

  • If you’ve gotten to the point where you need to defraud Hungry Jacks, it might be time to take a moment to reassess your life.

  • haha i was just telling the guys at work about this today.. as hungry jacks was my first job 14 years ago i figured out this trick very quick.. Then in the years to come they had deals like cheeseburger and small coke for $1.50 i then minus mustard and pickle (because i don’t like them) and add mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion and walla, i have now got a small coke and a whopper junior for $1.50.. In the end me and all my mates were doing it and the managers finally caught on and made their staff aware of us and what we were doing.. lol. So this article may well just give hungry jacks the incentive to start charging for salad if it gets out of control, lets hope not because i would like another 14 years of this 🙂

    • Making their staff aware instead of changing policy? So they still did it but just glared at you instead of smiling? What actually happened?

  • >A little known fact about Hungry Jack’s is that you can add salad to any burger free of charge

    Head office in Perth will not confirm that you can add salad for free.

    It was apparently once part of the “Have it your way” promotion, but I have been completely unable to find any explanation or description of this promotion anywhere (anybody?).

    At least one store manager (Beechboro) has refused to add salad for free.

  • The word directly from HJ’s head office Perth after I hassled them some more:

    Thank you for querying our procedures regarding a free salad upgrade in burgers. Currently, we do not charge for extra salad to be added to our existing burgers with salads. Our cheeseburgers, however, do not come with salad and if you wish to add salad you would need to order a Whopper Jr.

  • Hi in S.A. they charge $.50 for all the salads still a pretty good deal

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