MasterChef Australia Eliminations: Which of Your Top Cooks Have Gone Home?

MasterChef Australia Eliminations: Which of Your Top Cooks Have Gone Home?

MasterChef Australia is back, and this year’s contestants are already being put through their paces. If you’re behind on episode recaps and find yourself wondering, “Who was eliminated from MasterChef tonight?” We’re here to keep you up to date with the latest updates in this space.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Who has left MasterChef Australia?

Follow along below as we recap the most recent MasterChef Australia eliminations and what sent these contestants home.

James Holmes

Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight. Network 10.

The first elimination for this season of MasterChef Australia was James Holmes. After a challenge asked the contestants to build a dish inspired by their food dreams, the primary school teacher from WA was unfortunately sent packing.

On his stuffed squid dish, he shared that, “In the end, I tried to go for something I thought was vibrant, interesting and stood out. Unfortunately, it stood out for the wrong reasons.”

But despite his departure from the series, the cook is still incredibly keen to remain in the kitchen:

“It really has confirmed to me that food is something I love and that I want to continue,” he said via 10 Play.

“I went in there with no delusions of grandeur, so if I have to peel peppers for ages or chop onions, that’s what needs to be done! It’s still really enjoyable and definitely something I want to keep going at.”

On leaving the MasterChef kitchen, Holmes shared a recipe for pickled onions with Lifehacker Australia, which you can find here.

Steph Griffen

Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight. Network 10.

Steph was the next cook eliminated from MasterChef Australia after a challenge set by Jaime Oliver heated things up in the kitchen.

The task asked cooks to recreate a recipe that has been on the menu at Jaime’s father’s pub for 15 years: ‘Trevor’s Chicken’.

“[In] the first elimination, there were so many of us and I felt super confident. I knew it wasn’t going to be me. I felt it in my gut,” she told 10 Play. “But this one, I was feeling very uneasy and super overwhelmed. I think those nerves got the better of me, I was too much in my head,” she shared.

Jonathan Hooper

Instagram. Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight.

On Sunday night, Andy Allen’s mum, Maree, brought three dishes to the MasterChef Australia contestants and asked them to reinvent them for the kitchen. This challenge eventually led to Jonathan’s departure from the season.

Jonathan attempted Maree’s Fruit Salad Slice but shared that a distracted mindset let him down in the challenge.

“I probably wasn’t in the best headspace for that [challenge]… I was really, really homesick. I wanted to be home and I think it came across in my food,” he shared via 10 Play.

“I was unsure of myself and I wasn’t feeling good going into that cook,” he continued. “I wasn’t as switched on or as motivated as I normally would be.”

Khristian Walker

Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight.
Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight. Image supplied.

Our fourth elimination episode saw contestant Kristian Walker leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen.

On Tuesday night, the challenge set for the bottom chefs was to produce a complex dessert by Jean-Christophe. Speaking about his departure, Khristian shared that he went into the pressure test worried he may be asked to create a dessert dish.

“Desserts are not my forte, as much as I love eating them and making them,” he told 10 Play. “The idea of what potential dessert they could pull out for us to make was something I was dreading.”

In saying that, the cook is aware that the dish was an incredible challenge and he’s proud he attempted it.

“I kept thinking, if this was the dish that sent me home, I was not going to be upset,” Khristian admitted. “Obviously, I’d be sad the journey would be over, but what a dish to send you home!”

Lily Davies

who was eliminated masterchef tonight
Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight. Image via Instgram.

Lily’s time in the MasterChef Australia kitchen came to an end after a blind taste test left her feeling completely disoriented.

The cooks were asked to identify ingredients while blindfolded and the challenge was one that absolutely threw Lily’s senses off.

“It’s honestly the most discombobulating thing,” she told 10 Play, “you don’t have any sense or awareness of where you are, and it makes you realise how much you eat with your eyes. I know people always say that, but it’s so true.

“It’s absolutely impossible, and it throws everything off. Suddenly you feel like you can’t even smell!”

Following the blind taste test, Lily was asked to produce a dish using only the ingredients from the taste test, but at this point she felt “deflated,” she shared. And eventually, she “…just had the gut instinct that I was going at that point”.

Lourdes Leschen

who was eliminated masterchef tonight
Image Credit: Instgram

After a challenge that saw the contestants having to replicate Liam Downes’ Smoked Egg Yolk Raviolo, Lourdes was sadly asked to pack her apron and head home.

“I was worried about making that beautiful pasta dough, having the layers of green dough interconnected with the standard egg yolk dough was something I had never done before,” she told 10 Play on the challenge.

Juan De La Cruz

who was eliminated masterchef tonight

Sunday’s elimination challenge saw Juan get a little mixed up with his instructions and produce a dish he wasn’t happy with.

“I couldn’t get out of my head of how am I going to bring Vietnamese flavours to my dish,” Juan told 10 Play.

“I never paid attention to the actual challenge, that it wasn’t Vietnamese, it was ingredients. So, in the end, [I was] trying to fit Vietnamese into Latin cooking and I got really stressed with all that in my head.”

“It ended up being not what I wanted to do in the end,” he shared.

Snezana Calic

Who was eliminated MasterChef Australia tonight. Image via Instagram.

Guest judge Anna Polyviou shook the contestants with her challenging Sunny Side Up dessert, and sadly it was this pressure test that sent Snezana packing.

Speaking with 10 Play she shared that the yolk was a particularly difficult element to master, “How do you make a yolk? How does it hold its shape and doesn’t leak out? I was freaking out,” she said.

“I wasn’t sure about the flavour… I wasn’t sure what was going on inside, but I was so happy that my egg yolk was still there at the end, it looked like an egg! I felt good I had plated it up, but on the inside I felt there might be something off. You never know until you cut into it.”

Stephen Dennis

Another egg challenge spelled disaster for Stephen Dennis who packed his apron up over the weekend.

A dish that required “egg in an interesting way” was the cook’s undoing, sadly.

“I’ve cooked with eggs a lot, so I was pretty confident that I was going to be fine,” he told 10 Play.

“Going into the challenge I wasn’t worried at all, but as I went through I started having cracks come apart and I suddenly realised I wasn’t working as well as I normally do. I wasn’t as calm as I normally was.”

Unfortunately, two of the three eggs Steve cooked didn’t achieve the running yolk he had been hoping for.

“I needed the runny egg yolk to make the sauce balanced. I’m good at balancing flavours in sauces and I knew that, without the runny egg yolk, it wasn’t going to be successful,” he said.

We’ll keep updating this one as the season continues along, so be sure to check back regularly! Additionally, you can catch some clever cooking tips and recipes from eliminated MasterChef Australia contestants with our series MasterChef at Home – check that out next here.

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