Classic Hacks: McDonald's Head Chef Explains How To Make A Big Mac At Home

There are no shortage of DIY Big Mac recipes on the internet: we've even published a few of our own. However, most of these guides contain a fair amount of guesswork and/or hearsay. To make your Big Mac as close to the real thing as possible, you need this video from Macca's executive chef Dan Coudreaut: it explains the entire process, from making your own "special sauce" to final assembly.

We first brought you this official recipe breakdown back in 2012, but figured most readers could do with a refresher course. The clip stars Dan Coudreaut, an executive head chef at McDonald's Canada.

For that all-important sauce, the chief ingredients you'll need are mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, yellow mustard, white wine vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. (Apparently, a dash of Vegemite also works!)

Coudreaut also walks you through the process of getting the filling ratios right and cooking your beef patty. Of course, buying all these ingredients and taking the time to cook and prepare the burger is hardly cost-effective — it's cheaper and easier to just buy one from your local Macca's. However, it does make for a fun kitchen experiment; particularly if you have kids who want to know how Big Macs are made.

Lifehacker's Classic Hacks is a regular segment where we dig up the most popular, useful and offbeat advice from our archives and update it for your modern lifestyle.


    Made this on the weekend. Used everything besides the white wine vinegar and it tasted spot on

    I've made attempts at bigmac sauce before. You can get the taste bang on, but I think it's improved without the vinegar and adding a bit of tangy ketchup instead.

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