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How to Enable Zoom’s Virtual Backgrounds on Android

Remote work doesn’t get much more exciting in 2020 than taking a Zoom call from a tropical locale — even if you’re not really there. As an added bonus, Zoom’s popular virtual background feature allows you to conceal your messy, work-at-home room from your colleagues — and it’s now available for…

Try These Workarounds for Android 11’s ‘Recent Apps’ Bug

A quirky Android 11 bug is affecting an unknown number of users and devices and making multitasking nearly impossible. You’ll know you’re afflicted if swiping up on your Pixel device  to summon its “Recents” screen, or the list of apps you’ve opened, accomplishes nothing.

How to Tell if You’re Buying the New Xbox

Even experienced gamers have to agree: Microsoft’s naming conventions for its Xbox gaming consoles are terrible. I guess they sort of make sense if you’ve been playing the same consoles for years. But if you don’t know much about gaming at all — parents, that includes you — then I…