Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s ‘Twosdays’ Deal, Ever

Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s ‘Twosdays’ Deal, Ever

4700kj. That’s the total kilojoule count of Hungry Jack’s two-for-one Bacon Deluxe ‘Twosdays’ offer, which is available on each Tuesday throughout the month — beware the Ides of March.

If you’re planning to split the cost of lunch between you and a friend, we suppose the Bacon Deluxe Twosdays deal is a reasonable, albeit unhealthy choice. However, the fast food chain seems to be marketing the offer as a singular item for individuals — as evidenced by the combined kilojoule count on the poster.

Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s ‘Twosdays’ Deal, Ever

When you add a large fries and Coke to the equation, the total comes to a whopping 8019kj — just 600 kilojoules shy of your entire recommended daily energy intake. To put this into perspective, a whole Domino’s BBQ Pork & Hollandaise pizza contains 4194 kilojoules; and that’s typically meant to feed two people.

We feel unable to recommend this deal to readers of Lifehacker — unless you’re trying out for the next season of The Biggest Loser, perhaps. Otherwise, steer well clear. Your heart will thank you later.


  • I’m quite fortunate that there’s no convenient Hungry Jacks stores where I live or work. This is an offer I most certainly could not turn down.

  • Can I just take the “why” and “Twodays Deal” out of that top sentence and
    make the heading say: Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s, Ever!

    Have you ever seen, smelled and tasted their burgers? At least McDonald’s makes a slightly
    better effort to make their fast food look exactly how they do in their ads by adding secret glue.
    In the Hungry jacks (And Burger king) ads you get promised a deliciously fire grilled steak fillet or whopper which looks like it was cut straight from the cow itself. A big sesame seeded bun, loads of salad (gotta eat healthy yes) and the juices are dripping off of the entire thing.
    ‘Extra big-ass fries’ on the side (lol, had to say it)

    Hungry Jack’s Reality: Dry stale buns, 3 days old salad, even dryer steak fillets that have been so overcooked that polished leather would taste better, and side order of chips fried
    in oil from the 70ies.

          • I did the same thing. Not as good as they used to be. Their breakfasts have gotten worse too, the sausage and egg mcmuffin used to be pretty good but they seem to have taken all of the spice and flavour out of the ‘sausage’ now. Hash browns are still really good though, well the fresh one that I got was good.

  • Why Nobody Should Buy Hungry Jack’s ‘Twosdays’ Deal, Ever, unless they understand what they are eating its effects and plan for that.

    seriously hungry jacks business is fast food which everybody knows is high in fat, thats their business they dont try to hide that or claim that this deal is in anyway healthy, you can blame them if some customers are too stupid to realise that and alter there life in accordance, ie im going to eat 2 bacon deluxe burgers today, i should double my exercise regime and eat something low kj for the rest of my meals or something like that, rather then ridicule them for offering nice deals like 2 for one,

  • Nobody should buy? Not even hardcore athletes with a need for calories and who can handle their business, and can handle their total intake?

    I get that the majority of readers of Lifehacker fit into the category of ‘feckless lazy beta males stuck in front of a computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week where exercise consists of hacking their desk so that they occasionally have to reach slightly to get a pen’, but that doesn’t mean ‘nobody’ should buy this deal.

    Way to add the fries and a sugary soft drink to bolster your claim by the way. As a hardcore warrior poet I WON’T be adding that trash to my purchase. I’ll just be eating the delicious burgers that further my health, strength, and aesthetic goals.

    ps, they have to give the total calorie count for any advertised combo. That doesn’t mean it is meant for individuals, though it IS meant for alpha individuals yes!

    • I get that the majority of readers of Lifehacker fit into the category of ‘feckless lazy beta males stuck in front of a computer 24 hours a day 7 days a week where exercise consists of hacking their desk so that they occasionally have to reach slightly to get a pen’

      Wow. You’re a fucking dick, man.

    • No hardcore athlete who is clever about their diet would buy this. calories aside, you’re eating fat laden, poor quality meat product full of preservatives and chemicals. Tell me a hardcore athlete that eats that shit and got anywhere?

      • Not every athlete is a swimmer or a lightweight boxer. Sometimes you need calories brah. There’s nothing wrong with fat by the way.

        Hell a UFC fighter is an example of an athlete that probably shouldn’t be eating this type of food but let’s talk powerlifters, heavyweight olympic lifters, NFL American Football players, bodybuilders, rugby, Aussie Rules (a big if on that one), etc. All people who need to be big strong and fast.

        If all they ate was burgers then yes I’d be the first one saying ‘no dude’. But to suggest it doesn’t easily slot in? Anyone who lives their life as a champion has plenty of room to feast on burger glory!

        • Slotting in a burger (or 2) on a cheat day is pretty far from the point you seemed to be making in your initial post. Having said that, I agree that this isn’t going to kill you if you were to have it once……a fortnight….preferably a month 🙂

          PS: Roy Big Country Nelson, really? A fat guy who can punch my head in? You call that an athlete? Let’s just point at Sumo wrestlers and say “See athletes can be fat and unhealthy so lets all eat what we like!” and be done with it.

          • I’m not even saying cheat day. The original article said ‘nobody’. I’m saying that’s not the case in the least. I absolutely suggest that plenty of people can view this as an excellent source of nutrition for their athletic goals. I’m not saying this is right for all athletes, I’m saying it has a place for many, AND bodybuilders, AND regular guys who live their lives as champions and are active. 4000kJ is nothing for someone trying to put on muscle AND who isn’t a couch potato whose only activity is the clickidy clack of their fingers on a keyboard.

            This isn’t going to kill you if you eat it once. It isn’t going to kill you if you eat it sometimes and it fits your goals. In fact it will do the opposite, it will make you awesome.

            The key issue ISN’T the burgers, it is the person. Are you awesome enough to be worthy of this great feast of champions. As I originally said, most of Lifehackers audience, and most of the population of this country do not qualify.

            If the article said ‘Here’s a deal for the awesome amongst us. It might not be for you. If that’s the case you should work on that’ then I would have no issue.

            ps, funnily enough sumo wrestlers actually have quite low body fat percentages. That’s more of a quirk rather than anything that can be applied to others. Like I said, Roy Nelson isn’t my example (though there’s no need to disrespect him like that). MMA fighters are an example of a sport where even for heavyweights there is probably not much benefit to chasing big cal surpluses.

          • @ nef_d
            You do realise Roy is not some fat guy who can punch your head in, he probably has more cardio fitness than any poster in this entire page and is probably on par with rugby and american football players.

            He fights, professionally for a living, using skill and fitness training amongst other forms of martial arts. Even if hes a fat walrus to call him anything other than an athlete is nothing short of pure denial.

            PS. Sumo wrestling is about as physically demanding as being fat and leaning against a wall at any pace over a crawl, to compare it to UFC is exceptionally dim witted. No one ever said anything about being healthy and fat, i was just responding to your “Tell me a hardcore athlete that eats that shit and got anywhere?” comment which was hilarious……. wrong.

      • Michael Jordan ate junk food and had a generally poor attitude towards his fitness regime for the first 6 or so years of his career. He was still good enough to win the league MVP during that time.

        Later he wanted to develop his strength more to add more dimension to his post game, so he got serious, hired a strength conditioning coach and changed his diet (and then finally won championships).

        Still, the point is, for a fair while there he was enjoying life to the fullest, drinking, gambling, staying up late and eating poorly, yet he still dominated the league. He was a natural athlete which allowed him to overcome those things.

  • KFC’s Tuesday 9 pieces for $9.95 deal also comes in at approx 8000Kj, but whithout drink or fries but that’s half a bucket of chicken or seeing that KFC cut their chicken in to 9 bits a whole chicken.

  • Or you could you know – share the 2nd burger with a friend, save a few $ and buy a small drink each to enjoy their free refills. Used to do this quite regularly at uni.

    Though from past experience and number crunching that only saves money if you don’t buy fries.

  • Look, just go to McDowell’s. McDowell’s is better than Hungry Jacks and McDonalds. They got the the Golden Arcs, instead of the Golden Arches. They got the Big Mick, instead of the Big Mac. They both have: two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. McDowell’s buns have no seeds. No seeds = FTW!

  • Pretty fucking judgemental article. Who the hell do you think you are, my nutritionist? I would have far less problems with someone eating two of these, than someone who gets their diet advice to “not eat two burgers” from a freaking tech blog.

    • Dude – you always seem so angry. Why is that?

      Lifehacker is not a tech blog – You’re thinking of Gizmodo. Lifehacker is a more general “tips for your professional and personal wellbeing” blog with a strong slant towards IT type workers.

      I agree with you that the headline and article are pure hyperbole, but the sentiment in your comment leaves a lot to be desired.

      Also I’d like to apologise in advance – It’s not just you that I take issue with. Many of the comments here seem pretty silly (even rude), it’s just that I’ve noticed you making negative coments many times over the past week or so, and therefore this one caught my attention.

      Peace out 🙂

  • While I’m not averse to a bacon deluxe occasionally, I do have to wonder what the Ides of March has to do with anything since it was on a Friday this year…

  • I am now judging everybody who is leaping to the defense of HJs. Seriously? Eat what you want, but this is junk food and you know it, and the twofer deal sort of negates the whole “everything in moderation” bit.

    • I smash this type of food regularly and I have yearly blood tests and my results are (and this is the only statement I’ll make in this thread that isn’t hyperbole) nothing short of spectacular.

      Why? Because I have a degree in nutrition, actually understand what I’m eating, and know how to balance it out. Also, because I am a hardcore alpha male who actually gets out and lives life as a warrior poet. Not as a slob who never gets out of his mothers basement.

  • Doesn’t matter what I eat, I don’t gain weight. Hungry Jacks used to be my breakfast venue. “Double Angry Angus please!” – The manager at the local store asked me why I don’t come back anymore…

  • +1 to eating this!

    Easily doable if your looking to make gains at the gym, (and are already at a reasonable level of fitness) as long as it fits in your macros 😉

  • Today’s article: Don’t eat Hungry Jacks
    Tomorrow’s article: How to make your own McDonalds, but why go to that bother? The real stuff tastes just as good and is cheaper and easier.

    The power of hidden product placement

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