Cognitive bias occurs when we make subjective assumptions about people or situations based on our own perception of reality. This can lead to irrational decisions and judgement calls that affect those around us. They can alter the way you see everything without you even realising it.

Identifying the problem is the first step towards rational thinking. Here are 24 distinct biases that you need to be aware of - from "declinism" (believing the past was better than the present) to "fundamental attribution error" (judging others on their character but yourself on the situation).


Even if Twitter finally bans the Nazis (lol yeah right), there will always be boring, stupid, annoying and bad people on the internet. And sometimes they will find what you put online, and bother you about it. How do you deal with them without feeling like crap? We got some advice from Eli Yudin, CollegeHumor's community manager, whose whole job is talking to strangers on the internet.

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You did it. You waited out all the announcements during Mobile World Congress and the deluge of new handsets that debuted in the last few months. But now, after upstarts such as Essential have had a chance to shine and giants like Apple and Samsung are done plying their latest wares, there's a big question worth asking: What's the best phone out right now?


Turning Google Assistant into your own personal translator, Google's Bluetooth earbuds attempt to make spoken communication between different languages possible. Unfortunately, they are not the fabled 'Babel fish' they were made out to be. Here's why they are pretty underwhelming.


Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't already, it is time to join the revolution. Recent findings from research group Telsyte revealed that over half of Australian phone owners have ditched phone plan contracts and now use BYO phone plans.

Not that we need to tell a tech savvy bunch like you. You're probably all using grey import, dual-SIM Xiaomi smartphones and have long known the virtues of SIM Only phone plans.


NBN Co's announcement last week that it would cease selling services on its hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) network has revealed one of the biggest errors in judgment the company has made under a Turnbull-Abbott led government.


If you're buried under unanswered email, and find yourself constantly starting your replies with "Sorry for the delay," do what BuzzFeed reporter and creative miscreant Katie Notopoulos did: Answer your emails right away, with just a couple of words. She calls it "emailing like a CEO", the same phrase used in a 2001 New York Times piece about how high-tier executives tend to send terse, misspelled emails.


I don’t know that 2017 was that bad, was it? Haven’t we reached some sort of terrible plateau where each year just remains as horribly bad as the last? Or are we sinking ever further?

I don’t know.

This isn’t about that. This is about all the good things I enjoyed in 2017.


Amazon has finally launched its full online retail service in Australia. This means that you can now buy everything from electronics to video games without paying exorbitant international shipping fees. We had questions about Amazon pre-launch and most of them have been answered with the site going live early December 5.

Here's everything you need to know about the behemoth's entry into the Land Down Under.


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been slammed by telecommunications industry insiders over its almost 7-month delay to implement NBN speed test monitoring, as well as the "inadequate" methodology it has chosen for the tests.

The ACCC speed test announcement was first revealed by the regulator in April, with it saying then that after appointing a testing provider, it would "commence the program in May 2017, and will provide comparative information for consumers during the second half of the year". As of Wednesday, the ACCC had not yet appointed a broadband monitoring program provider, nor had it commenced the program or released comparative provider information for consumers.


iPhone batteries are one of those things that no matter how long they last, it isn't going to be long enough. There's even an entire industry built on selling backup batteries for our smartphones and tablets to keep them going once the battery runs out.


Mathematics is all around us, and it has shaped our understanding of the world in countless ways. The following 17 equations changed the course of history - we explain what they mean.