Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn. Whether you want to have more meaningful conversations, keep up with the technology helping us communicate or express your ideas better in the workplace, you’ll find essential tips for learning to communicate more effectively.

Photo: Florence Ion

The 13 Best New Features of Android 11

The Android 11 Beta was initially slated to launch in tandem with Google’s annual developer’s event, but the world had different plans for this year’s software update. Despite the lack of fanfare, Google has now released the first public beta for Pixel users, leaving enough time to get the kinks…

How to Laugh at Depression, With Humourist John Moe

This week, we’re finding the humour in our woes with help from John Moe, host of The Hilarious World of Depression podcast. John helps us understand what is funny — and sometimes even good — about depression, how we can recognise depression within ourselves and others and what to do…