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You Don’t Need a Grill to Make Grilled Eggplant

It’s no secret that I love eggplant and, over the years, I’ve gotten every preparation under the sun down cold — with one glaring exception. With no space at home for a grill and a strong aversion to turning on my oven, grilled eggplant has remained my culinary white whale….

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Please Remove the Membrane Before Cooking Ribs

As far as meaty cooking  projects go, ribs are a fairly easy one. Whether you’re smoking, grilling, baking or pressure cooking, preparing an impressive rack is something most home cooks can master without too much distress. But there is one thing a lot of newbie rib cookers forget to do, and it…

Throw Some Spam On The Grill

Throw Some Spam On The Grill

Grilling is a fairly straightforward cooking method—you put the food over hot coals or literal fire, and you leave it there to cook—and yet people still find ways to make it very complicated (though, admittedly, delicious). But you know what’s not complicated and still very delicious? Spam.