Hi Lifehacker, I'm a self-employed tradesman and struggle to keep good records of the work I've done and when. Obviously a physical diary would do the job but it would be great to have something that syncs with google calendar and allows photos to be added. Any recommendations?


Small improvements can all add up to make a big difference. And we're talking small improvements here. Tiny ones. It's clear that the idea of marginal gains has had a huge impact in the world of professional sports and performance. I wanted to find out how we can take some of these learnings and apply them to our own lives to make things a little easier, our routines a little healthier and our minds a little clearer. Here are five things simple things you can improve that will make a difference to your life in a small but meaningful way.


It's the start of the work year (January doesn't really count) and you promised yourself that you'd be more productive. But you quickly find yourself getting distracted by Facebook and cat videos on YouTube.

It's okay, we've all fallen into this trap. But it IS possible to change the way you tackle work, and it takes less than 30 minutes. It's time to introduce your brain to the Pomodoro Technique.