Our Favourite Kmart Products for Every Room in the House

Our Favourite Kmart Products for Every Room in the House

With everything being so expensive right now, more affordable retailers like Kmart, IKEA and ALDI have absolutely exploded in popularity (not that they weren’t beloved before). We’ve been extensively looking into the homewares range on offer at Kmart and have found plenty of cheaper yet stylish products on offer for a range of needs and spaces in your house.

The best Kmart products for every room

kmart outdoor furniture
Image: Kmart Australia

Best Kmart outdoor furniture

With summer almost here, it’s time to start thinking about utilising that outdoor space again. The retailer has a range of products, from outdoor couches to floor tiles, that can help make that happen.

Peep our favourite outdoor buys here.

Best office products

Many of us have made working from home the norm, and if that means your home office is in need of a refresh, the retailer has everything you’ll need, from standing desks to extra power boards.

Read more here.

Top Kmart gym products

With the cost of basically everything going up, it means your gym membership might be on the chopping block of extra expenses. If that’s the case, there are still plenty of options to keep fit at home, and some of these fitness products might be the solution you need.

Check them out here.

Best bedroom buys

kmart bedroom products
Images: Kmart

It doesn’t have to cost you a million bucks to create the bedroom of your dreams. In fact, Kmart has a bunch of products that will revitalise your sleeping area for under $100.

Find the list of affordable bedroom items here.

Best Kmart bathroom items

Kmart has a bunch of simple ways to spruce up your bathroom, from fancy soap dispensers to motion-sensitive lights.

Check out our recommendations.

Top Kmart laundry buys

Next, let’s take a look at some top picks for your laundry. Whether it’s expanding your storage or finding a better way to air your clothes, these are the products we recommend you put in your laundry.

Read the full list.

Best kitchen products

There’s so much more to Kmart than just cheap air fryers (although those are great, too), and we’ve made a list of products we think every kitchen needs to have. You can also find a read-up on our top kitchen storage hack here.

Check out the list.

Products to di(n)e for

dining products

After setting up your kitchen, the next logical step is your dining room. Kmart offers a range of affordable dining pieces, many of which are dupes of luxurious favourites.

Check out our favourite dining products.

Lighting solutions that will brighten your home

What good is all this new furniture if you can’t see it? Along with homewares, Kmart offers a range of lighting solutions including colour-changing lights and decadent lamps.

Find our lighting picks here.

Top travel products


Lastly, Kmart’s extensive range of products doesn’t just cover your home; they can cover you while you’re away as well. The retailer has a bunch of sweet travel gear that will make your trip a little easier, like inflatable neck pillows and packing cubes.

Read more here.

As well as these lists, we’ve also covered a few nifty hacks – we are Lifehacker, after all.

One outlines some of Kmart’s affordable designer dupes, or we have a trick for using a few simple Kmart and Bunnings items to DIY yourself a lamp. And don’t forget to check out this tip for an easy renovation of your floor.

If you want to browse any of Kmart’s homewares for yourself, you can do so on the official website.

Image Credit: Kmart Australia


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