Let There Be Light: 5 Kmart Products That Will Brighten Your Home

Let There Be Light: 5 Kmart Products That Will Brighten Your Home

As we’ve found throughout our vast Kmart coverage, the retailer is full of neat and affordable home products. That extends to unique lighting solutions that can outfit any room in your house. If you’re looking for a new lamp or decorative light, Kmart has a bunch of different solutions and here are a few we recommend.

Top lighting solutions from Kmart Australia

Anais Table lamp

kmart lighting table lamp
Image: Kmart lamps and lighting

The warm light of a lamp can make any room, and the Anais Table Lamp from Kmart adds a chic design to the mix. It consists of a marble base, metal pole and shade made from glass, and customers have reported it being elegant and of a decent quality for its price.

Of course, if you’d rather DIY a lamp yourself, there’s a way to do that with this Kmart and Bunnings hack.

Check out the Anais Table lamp here.

LED Candles

kmart lighting
Image: Kmart

When it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, candles are often the lighting solution you’re looking for. But candles come with their own issues; what if you’ve run out of matches or the wick has burned out? An easy answer to this problem is to use electric candles. Kmart sells a pack of 3 LED candles that you can control remotely and choose from over 10 different colour options.

Check them out here.

LED Light with Sensor

kmart bathroom light
Image: Kmart lamps and lighting

One of our favourite lighting solutions from Kmart is the LED motion sensor light. This one went viral on the internet, and for good reason. The small strip of lights is easy to stick on surfaces around your house and eliminates the need for you to switch on the light every time you enter a room, thanks to its motion sensor, which has a range of three meters. Great for those midnight snack runs to the kitchen or middle-of-the-night bathroom breaks.

Buy them here for $12.

Smart Wi-Fi LED Sunset Light

Image: Kmart lamps and lighting

Sunset lamps have become all the rage in recent years thanks to their warm, illuminating glow. Kmart’s LED Sunset light has a bunch of nifty features, like changeable colours, remote control via the app and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.

Buy it here for $25.

String Lights

Image: Kmart lamps and lighting

String lights or fairy lights can turn a boring bedroom or balcony into a magical space. They provide both light and ambience and Kmart sells them in rolls of 10m for just $8. These ones are battery-powered (with AA batteries sold separately) and provide a warm white light.

Check them out here.

If you’re looking for more Kmart inspiration, check out our round-up of kitchen, bathroom and office products.

Lead Image Credit: Kmart Australia

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