‘Takes My Cleaning Game to a New Level’: Kmart’s Spot Cleaner Is Going Viral

‘Takes My Cleaning Game to a New Level’: Kmart’s Spot Cleaner Is Going Viral

Regularly steam cleaning soft furnishings (think rugs, sofas, mattresses and dining chairs) is one of the simplest ways to prolong the lifespan of these items, all while freshening up your home and ensuring your living space is free from unwanted dirt, dust and pollutants. The only dilemma is that hiring a professional to do the task for you can set you back a few hundred dollars. The same applies if you’re looking at investing in a DIY machine. Luckily for you, Kmart now stocks a $99 spot cleaner that can get the job done — and plenty of shoppers are taking to social media to demonstrate just how effective it is.

kmart spot cleaner
The $99 spot cleaner is going viral on social media. Image: Kmart Australia.

One member of the Facebook group ‘Kmart Hacks and Decor’ shared a before and after picture of their rug when using the budget-friendly spot cleaner. 

“Not a hack but, if you were second guessing getting the Kmart spot cleaner, this is the best advertisement yet,” they wrote in the caption. 

“Top half is clean and bottom half… well let’s not talk about that,” they continued. This rug is vacuumed twice a week and often spot cleaned but this just takes my cleaning game to a new level.” 

kmart spot cleaner
Image: Facebook, Kmart Hacks & Decor.

To use it, the DIYer simply filled the machine with “10ml of the Aldi stain remover (purple bottle) with boiling water.” 

A side-by-side comparison of a cleaned rug using the spot cleaner. Image: Facebook, Kmart Hacks & Decor.

Plenty of members who had also recently bought and used the cleaner flocked to the comments section in support of the Kmart purchase. 

“Had our couch professionally steamed cleaned last year. This is just from one cushion after using the kmart spot cleaner yesterday,” one person noted alongside a picture of their spot cleaner filter filled with dirty water. 

kmart spot cleaner
Image: Facebook, Kmart Hacks & Decor.

Another person wrote: “I did my chairs today and will do my car on Thursday it’s really good will do rug too.” 

A third person simply said: “Love mine!”

The machine’s popularity is blowing up on TikTok, too. 

TikTok user @threeriverscleaning reviewed the spot cleaner, concluding it looked good for its price and worked incredibly well. They were especially amazed at all the additional items it came with. 

“It was really awesome it came with all the different attachments and that it had a three-metre cord, which is super handy,” the New Zealander said in the video. 

After unpacking the cleaner, they then begin to test it out on a dirty chair. 

“I put some carpet cleaning solution in the barrel and then put some water in it,” they continued. “Here I am giving it a spray, sucking all the water out. Super easy to use.” 

The video ends with the TikToker pouring all the “gross” water that has been collected down the sink. 

It even comes with different attachments. Image: Kmart Australia.

Another TikTok user known as @jenjoojoo, posted a video of the Kmart purchase deep cleaning their car. 

“$99 spot cleaner from @kmartaustralia for the win, but also disgusted at what came out,” the Queenslander captioned the video, which has been viewed nearly a million times and liked by over 56k people, at the time of writing.

Even the reviews on the product’s page are filled with amazement.

“Purchased one after watching an online review of a lady cleaning her couch,” one satisfied shopper wrote. “Wasn’t disappointed. The colour of my dirty water says it all. My couch looked clean but definitely wasn’t. So easy to operate. I have been using a Bissell carpet cleaning liquid and works well. 100% recommend.”

The results after one customer used the item to clean their couch. Image: Kmart Australia.

Another five-star reviewer said: “I literally love it. I’ve used it on the carpet, couch and in my car, and it’s been so good!! So satisfying to use too!!”

The only downside? Like every other viral Kmart item, keen shoppers have noted they’ve been unsuccessful in finding stock of the cleaner in-store and online. Our advice? Don’t give up because word on the street is Kmart will be regularly restocking this home essential. It’s just a matter of first come, first served. 

Lead Image Credit: TikTok


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