Kmart Tiles Are the Affordable DIY Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Kmart Tiles Are the Affordable DIY Tool You Never Knew You Needed

As spring rolls around, it’s only natural to feel the sudden urge to spruce up the house a little. Maybe that spare room is in need of a revamp, or the bathroom tiles are looking stale. You won’t need thousands of dollars for home renovation. In fact, all you’ll need are Kmart’s 4-Pack Light Stone Decking Tiles.

A worthy investment, DIY-ers on TikTok have shared how these outdoor decking tiles can be used anywhere in the home. They are perfect for new bathroom flooring, for outdoor steps, or even to retile a table.

Sammy, a mum and renovation and DIY TikToker (@sammy.see), took to the platform to show how she retiled a corner of her home’s study.

The TikToker admitted she had glanced at these tiles a few times and thought they looked “tacky” but made them look a lot more natural during the tiling process.

“So they look really square if you lay them how they’ve come to you because they’ve literally made them into a square to make them very user-friendly,” she said in the video.

“But if you cut them up and use the edges that are there for the straight edge and then take off what you don’t need and lay them very freely, it is actually a very beautiful tile.”

The creator went on to encourage others to get their hands on these because of how easy they were to assemble.

“They are user-friendly, my three year old helped me for God’s sake,” she said.

Interior designer Carol, better known as @homesbycaz on TikTok, showed others how she retiled her balcony flooring as part of turning it into a cosy relaxation corner.

Instead of cutting up the tiles, Carol instead utilised the clip-on feature they came with to create more of a square-tile look.

Other TikTok users have used these to re-tile their outdoor steps, revamp an old bench and even design a feature wall.

Each pack of Kmart decking tiles comes with four tiles, and currently, the product has a 4.9-star rating online, with one reviewer writing they would rate them 10 stars if they could.

“I have revamped my front steps with these and it looks professional done,” they said.

“(You) won’t regret buying these. I would give them 10 stars if I could.”

How to use the Kmart 4 Pack Light Stone Decking Tiles

What you’ll need:

  • Multiple packs of Kmart 4 Pack Light Stone Decking Tiles (amount will be dependent on how large of an area needs tiling)
  • Grout
  • Grout float
  • Tile glue (optional)
  • Tile and grout sealer (optional)

How to assemble your Kmart decking tiles

  1. Set out all your tiles on the desired area to see how they should go.
  2. Connect together pins alongside the underside edge to join tiles together before using tile glue to stick them onto the surface (optional).


  1. Remove underside backing and cut tiles to fit the desired surface.
  2. Once tiles have been stuck or positioned in the right place, spread grout over the tiles and smooth the surface over using a grout float.
  3. Once the grout is dry, use a sponge or cloth and wash the tiles.
  4. Spray tile and grout sealer over the top (optional).

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