5 Affordable Kmart Products That Will Have Your Bathroom Feeling Luxe

5 Affordable Kmart Products That Will Have Your Bathroom Feeling Luxe

When it comes to sprucing up your bathroom, even a little change can make a big difference. Kmart has become home to all sorts of odds and ends in the homewares department – from useful appliances to luxurious dupes of designer brands – the retailer is an affordable option if you’re looking to give your bathroom a little facelift. Here are some of our favourite bathroom products from Kmart Australia.

Top Kmart bathroom items

Door Shower Caddy

kmart bathroom shower caddy
Image: Kmart

Depending on your shower design, you might find yourself with a lot of different products and not a lot of space to store them. To save them from wallowing on the ground amidst your shower water, a great storage solution is a 2-tier shower caddy. Kmart has one that will hang over your shower door (or bathroom door), as opposed to looping over your shower head or taps, which might cause damage.

Kmart’s shower caddy only costs $15 and will keep everything neat and tidy in your shower area.

Bamboo LED Mirror

kmart bathroom LED mirror
Image: Kmart

While most bathrooms will have a mirror available, if you’re going through a skincare or makeup routine, it always helps to get a closer look. An LED mirror makes that process a lot easier, providing you with an adjustable view of everything that’s going on with your face and a great light to see it all with. Kmart’s LED mirror is rechargeable and lasts an average of four hours per charge.

Check it out here for $25.

Over Toilet shelf unit

over toilet shelf unit
Image: Kmart

If your bathroom is lacking storage space, you’ll want to make the most of what you’ve got. Installing a shelving unit can quickly take up space you just don’t have, but Kmart offers an over-the-toilet shelving system, that stretches upward, providing you with three shelves of space, rather than cramping your floor space.

This one from Kmart costs $59.

Rechargeable automatic soap dispenser

soap dispenser
Image: Kmart

We’ve become pretty accustomed to automatic soap dispensers at this point and there’s an easy way to continue that simplicity in your own bathroom. Kmart stocks a motion-sensing soap dispenser that is rechargeable and available in a sleek black design. One three to five-hour charge will get you approximately two to three months of use, and it’ll only cost you $25.

Check it out here.

LED Light with Sensor

kmart bathroom light
Image: Kmart

A Kmart product that has made waves on TikTok is the LED Light with Sensor. This motion-sensing light strip is small, affordable and is the perfect solution for anyone who gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The light has a sensitivity range of three meters and is easy to hide in areas out of sight, thanks to its peel-and-stick pads. The best part? The lights are cheap at just $12 a strip.

Check them out here.

Once you’re done decking out your bathroom, feel free to also check out our recommendations for the best Kmart products for your dining room, laundry and bedroom.

Lead Image Credit: Kmart Australia


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