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In 2017, I went through more batteries than I care to admit. I bought batteries for my headphones, batteries for my TV remotes, batteries for my Xbox controller and for some reason, batteries for a portable radio that I don't even use. I usually go for the expensive stuff but do I have to?

Probably not.

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A tap bought from Aldi by 12,000 Aussie households can contaminate water with up to fifteen times the safe limit for lead, according to reports. The ACCC has warned of the supermarket chain's "Spiral Spring Mixer Tap", urging customers to avoid avoid drinking or cooking with water from it.


On sale from Saturday 13 May, Aldi has Cocoon's Create 3D printer available for $499. Last time they had one of these sweet babies, there were literally people lining up to buy before the doors opened.

Here's all the details.


Supermarket chain Aldi is releasing a mobile phone plan that gives you unlimited calls and SMS along with 42GB of data that you'll have to ration over a one-year period. The one-year mobile plan will set you back $249. Here are all the details.


Today's 4K TVs come in a wide range of prices; from less than $500 to over ten grand. But how much difference does this make to the picture quality? In a bid to find out, we pitted Aldi's ultra-cheap 65-inch 4K TV against one of the most expensive 4K models on the market. We also asked "normal" people if they could tell the difference. Here are the results.


Budget supermarket Aldi is selling a Medion gaming PC that costs just under $2000. It will be on sale next Wednesday, but is it worth buying? The Medion brand isn't exactly known for high quality and the price seems awfully good when other gaming PCs can cost much more than $2000. Let's look at the specs and find out.


It's been a while since we've featured an Aldi TV on Dealhacker, but this offer is definitely worth a shout-out: for 799 dollarydoos, you get an enormous 65-inch Ultra HD TV with inbuilt USB media playback and PVR recording. Here's a look at the specifications.


Aldi's online liquor outlet contains some surprisingly tasty (and award-winning) wines at budget-friendly prices. Unfortunately, the business is shutting down in Australia, effective Thursday (March 24). While this is good news for miserable wine snobs, the rest of us can take advantage of some great clearance deals with prices starting at $3.99.


Data allowances on mobile phone plans and mobile are much more generous than they used to be, but the volume on offer doesn't tell the whole story. Depending on exactly how your mobile provider counts data can make a huge difference to how quickly you burn through it. Planhacker rounds up the current policies for every mobile provider in Australia.