6 Cheap Kmart Items That Will Organise Your Laundry

6 Cheap Kmart Items That Will Organise Your Laundry

Continuing our obsession with Kmart’s living range, we’re checking out its selection of laundry products, which have the potential to turn a place where you do your washing into a room you actually enjoy being in. Here are some of our favourite cheap products from Kmart that will revamp your laundry.

Kmart Australia’s top laundry products

Laundry Hamper Cabinet

australia kmart laundry - Laundry Hamper Cabinet
Image: Kmart Australia

Kmart’s hidden laundry hamper was a design hack that took the internet by storm. The hamper bins are built into the doors of the cabinet, making it easy to hide your dirty clothes in your laundry room. There are also two separate doors with hampers so you can separate your clothes before washing them.

An extra hack from the internet is that you can transition the laundry hamper cabinet into a set of rubbish bins for your kitchen.

The cabinet costs $65, and you can order one here.

Panelled Trolley

australia kmart laundry - Panelled Trolley
Laundry bits Image: Kmart Australia

You’re probably familiar with a trolley like this one. They’re a popular IKEA purchase, but Kmart has added its own spin to it. The three-tiered trolley is a useful product to add to any laundry.

You can use it to store towels, cleaning products, washing powder, pegs, or any other bits and bobs lying around your laundry area. You can wheel the trolley out as needed and then move it out of the way when it’s not in use. It’s just a general all-around useful thing to have.

You can buy one like this for $35 at Kmart.

Multi-Tier Laundry Hamper

kmart laundry - laundry hamper
Laundry bits Image: Kmart Australia

If the cabinet laundry hamper isn’t for you, something like this multi-tier version may do the job.

Kmart’s multi-tier laundry hamper is collapsible and moveable, with three different-sized baskets on tiers. It can double as a hamper for sorting your clothes or a storage solution for the other loose items around your laundry. Plus it only costs $49.

Check it out here.

Magnetic Laundry Station

kmart laundry - Magnetic Laundry Station
Laundry bits Image: Kmart Australia

If you’re trying to make the most of a small space, Kmart’s magnetic laundry station can help. The little magnetic shelf can attach to the side of your washing machine and hold all of your essentials, from laundry detergent to cleaning brushes and cloths.

Pick one up for just $25.

Peg Stainless Steel Airer

Peg Stainless Steel Airer - kmart laundry
Laundry bits Image: Kmart Australia

If you have limited clothesline space, you’ll know the pain of finding a place for all your little items like socks and underwear. This Peg Stainless Steel Airer is capable of hanging 34 different items, all attached to one hook frame. It leaves space on your washing line for more items and keeps all your smalls together for folding later, and it only costs $14.

You can check it out here.

In-Wash Lint Catchers

in wash lint catchers - kmart laundry
Laundry bits Image: Kmart Australia

Regardless of whether you have a pet or not, your clothes catch a lot of hair and lint during their daily wear. Kmart offers a pack of four in-wash lint catchers for just $4 that are small and subtle. You just pop them in the washing machine with your clothes, and it will prevent hair from possibly blocking your washing machine.

Check it out here.

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