Kmart Has Released a $15 Dupe of a Viral Hot Girl Summer Essential

Kmart Has Released a $15 Dupe of a Viral Hot Girl Summer Essential
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From dining plates to kettles and travel accessories, Kmart is no stranger to selling budget-friendly dupes of viral items. 

Now, members of the ‘Kmart Hacks & Decor’ Facebook group have alerted us to the discount store’s latest dupe arrival: the ‘1.18L Jumbo Tumbler with Handle’. 

Shoppers have been quick to note that the $15 tumbler looks identical to the famous Stanley 1913 one, which retails from $89.95 and is only available in Australia at selected homeware stores and marketplaces like Amazon. 

The only difference between the original and the dupe is the colour range (Kmart’s currently comes in white, black, hot pink, green and blue) and the lack of branding on the front and top. 

Kmart’s tumbler (left) looks identical to the viral Stanley 1913 one (right). Image: Kmart/Stanley 1913.

According to the product listing online, the jumbo mug features a double-wall stainless steel body that will keep liquids hot or cool for up to four hours.

Facebook group member Tayla posted a screenshot of the tumblers listed on Kmart’s website, along with the caption: “PSA… STANLEY DUPES COMING SOON.”

They then added the hashtag “#screamingcryingthrowingup.” 

At the time of writing, the post has received 448 likes and 310 comments, with many expressing their excitement. 

“Just what you need… hot girl accessories on a budget haha,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “Oh it’s going to be a blood bath trying to get my hands on these.” 

A third person exclaimed, “I NEEEED every colour.” 

The Kmart jumbo tumbler comes in five colourways. Image: Kmart.

A Kmart spokesperson agreed the tumbler is set to be the next hottest item everyone will want in their lives, especially in the lead-up to the warmer months. 

“The 1.18L Jumbo Tumbler has just landed in stores in a range of colours and is already very popular in our Kmart community,” they told Lifehacker. “Drink bottles have become a go-everywhere accessory and are a great way for our customers to inject some personality and colour into their day-to-day. At $15 each, they also represent great value for our community.”

While the pink and black tumblers are the only hues currently available online, members of the Facebook group have revealed that they’ve spotted all colourways in-store already — and have managed to snag one… or a few. 

In response to Tayla’s post mentioned above, one lucky shopper who was fortunate enough to find several at a Kmart store wrote: “I think the stores have the stock out the back they now just need to put them on the shelves and then online would update. I would say go in store asap and have a look.” 

A second person confirmed that they will be rolled out on shelves over the next few days, saying, “My local Joondalup store says they should be on the shelves this week!” 

Kmart shopper Amira snagged three at their local store. 

“Got these beauties today in my local Melbourne store as staff were putting them on the shelf,” they wrote alongside a picture of not one, but three tumblers.

Another savvy DIYer even gave their plain black tumbler a personalised glow-up.

“Decaled my fake Stanley mug,” they wrote.

There’s no doubt these will be flying off the shelves when they do become readily available in-store and online, but if you find yourself unlucky, don’t stress because we’ve received confirmation that plenty more will be on their way. 

“Keep an eye out for the 1.18L Jumbo Tumbler landing in fresh colours throughout the year,” the spokesperson verified.


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