A List of Meat Cooking Hacks You Need to Know About

A List of Meat Cooking Hacks You Need to Know About

Despite an uptick in vegetarian and vegan diets, meat is still a large part of daily life for many folks. It’s a versatile food group with lots of different ways to fry, roast, bake or serve different cuts of meat. It can also be pretty difficult to cook meat perfectly if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we thought we’d help with that and gather some of Lifehacker Australia’s best meat cooking hacks.

The best ways to prepare and cook your meat

Prepare your meat

There are many different ways to prepare your raw meat before you roast, bake or fry it. Here are some hacks you might not have thought of:

Marinades and sauces

bbq marinade

Of course, a good marinade or sauce can dramatically alter the outcome of your meat dish. Here are some tips for top sauces and marinades to try:

Roasting meat

There’s an art form to roasting meat perfectly. Here are some of Lifehacker’s guides to making ribs, chicken and pork in the oven.


Woman doing BBQ Steaks on a flame grill.
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Perhaps the barbecue is your weapon of choice for cooking meat? If so you’ll want to try these hacks and recipes.


Frying is another quick and easy way to cook meat, particularly steak. Here we’ve collated the art of frying a steak and some recipes from the pros over at Masterchef Australia.

Slow cooking meat

slow cooker

Slow cookers are an essential appliance for many a household. They make slow roasting a piece of meat infinitely easier, resulting in perfect pulled pork, beef, or stew. Here are some of our best tips if you’re leaning into slow cooker life:

If you can’t see your favourite type of meat covered in the cooking hacks or recipes above, rest assured we probably have a guide for it somewhere on the site if you look hard enough. Alternatively, let us know some of your top questions and queries about cooking meat and we’ll do our best to find the answers for you!

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