Defrost A Steak In Five Minutes With Water And A Pair Of Pans

If the steak you plan to eat is still frozen, there are better ways to defrost it than using the microwave. All you need is a little water and two pans — no special tools or appliances at all, and it works in minutes.

CTi, a Taiwanese cable channel, explains you can use this method to defrost a 1cm thick piece of steak in under five minutes without the need for any electricity. Just grab a pan or baking sheet, turn it over, and put your steak on it (you can do this with any clean, solid surface if you don't want to use two pans.) Then get another pan, fill it with water, and put it on top of your steak. The combination of the weight and the pan's ability to conduct heat should bring your steak to temp in a matter of minutes.

The video above is in Chinese, but it shows off the trick well. You wind up flattening the steak a bit, but it may be an aesthetic price worth paying. Plus, this way, you don't have to risk partially cooking them in the microwave. Then again, you could always just sear it while it's frozen. Thanks Dick Talens!

Defrost a Steak in 5 Mins Without Electricity [Fine Dining Lovers]


    I don't use vacuum bags or anything other than the tray the steak comes in, however I do use a similar trick which works for a lot of frozen goods... I just put it in a large pot with the lid on, and float it in a sink full of hot water... Obviously thicker foods take longer, but I find it saves a lot of time, particularly when the temperature here drops so low that frozen meat, taken down in the morning, is still frozen in the evening..! :)

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    I just put my meat in a freezer bag and drop it in the sink with some tepid water. It's thawed in like five minutes.
    Nothing beats the thermal conductivity of total immersion in water (but dry because of the freezer bag).

    Also if you're freezing mince or something that's malleable then squish it flat in the freezer bag. It will freeze quicker and thaw faster.

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