How to Turn a Cheap Cut of Beef Into Delicious Tenderness, With Colin Fassnidge

How to Turn a Cheap Cut of Beef Into Delicious Tenderness, With Colin Fassnidge
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If there’s one thing we can all agree on right now, it’s that food is really bloody expensive at the moment. Folks are seeking out ways to save on meals wherever possible and buying cheaper cuts of meat is one popular strategy. If you’re after a recipe that works with one well-known cheap cut of beef, silverside or corned beef, allow us to offer this example from Colin Fassnidge.

Taking to TikTok, where all good food hacks are found, Fassnidge showed his corned beef recipe that doubles as a soup recipe (yum) in two parts. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Colin Fassnidge’s recipe for corned beef

This tasty-looking corned beef recipe is a pretty roughly thrown together one, but we can get a general gist of how to make it at home. Here’s your guide.


Corned beef and soup

♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

What you’ll need:

Directions for corned beef:

  1. Roughly chop onions, and carrots.
  2. Place silverside into dutch oven or pot. Add onion powder, split peas, white beans, lentils, onions and carrots.
  3. Cut garlic head in half and toss into the pot unpeeled (you can remove skin later).
  4. Add in garlic, bay leaves, sage and garlic powder and fill with water.
  5. Cook up on the stove-top and once corned beef is cooked through, blend up veg to make your soup.

Here’s part two of Fassnidge’s corned beef recipe, and his guide on turning it into a tasty soup after you’ve removed your silverside from the pot.


Corned beef part 2

♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

According to Fassnidge himself, it’s the “best soup ever”. So you don’t want to skip out on part two.

If you’re after more cooking tips from Fassnidge after this recipe for corned beef, we also have some tips from the chef on how to make the best roast potatoes ever. A worthy read, we must say.


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