Should You Cook Bacon in a Microwave?

Should You Cook Bacon in a Microwave?
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As far as breakfast options go, there are very few things that can top frying up a few juicy strips of bacon on your stovetop or BBQ.

You can’t argue against how good it tastes, but sometimes the process can get a little messy. What if there was another way to cook up your morning bacon; one that’s more convenient? What if you tried cooking your bacon in a microwave?

Aussie meat and smallgoods producer Primo stocks microwavable bacon that’s ready in just 30 seconds, which got us thinking about the concept of both microwavable bacon and regular bacon, microwaved.

But before you ditch the frying pan altogether, keep reading.

Taking it on face value, it’s understandable why one might be a bit hesitant when it comes to cooking meat in a microwave. That seems like an easy one-way ticket to food poisoning. However, cooking bacon in your microwave isn’t the high-risk game you think it is. It’s actually quite safe.

How to cook your bacon in the microwave

Lay out a few strips of bacon – about three to four, depending on their size – on a microwave-safe plate and layer some paper towel on top. You can even buy trays that are designed for cooking bacon in your microwave.

Depending on your microwave, you can cook the bacon for around two to four minutes. If you want it a little bit crispier, just blast it for an extra minute or two until it’s cooked how you like it. The longer it’s in there, the crispier it’ll be.

Compared to cooking it on a stovetop or BBQ, the cleanup process after microwaving bacon is pretty easy. Just throw out the paper towel and give the plate a wash. Plus, it’s the quickest way to get bacon from your fridge into your mouth.

If you’re still not sure about cooking up regular bacon in a microwave, why not give microwaveable bacon a try? It does exactly what it says on the packet: it’s bacon that’s already prepared to be cooked in your microwave.

Primo’s microwavable bacon in particular is a great option. Not only does it taste like the bacon you’d fry up in a pan, but it’s the most convenient way to cook up the cherished breakfast meat. It only takes 30 seconds to cook. Put the bacon on a microwave-safe plate, cover it with some paper towel, and it’ll be done just like that.

Oh, and if you’re not a meat eater don’t worry, we also have some food hacks for you, too. Have you ever tried cooking eggs in a microwave? Because you sure as hell can. How about mashed potatoes? Learn how to prepare those perfectly with a zap in the microwave, too.

Happy snacking, friends.

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