5 of the Best Recipes From the 2023 MasterChef Contestants

5 of the Best Recipes From the 2023 MasterChef Contestants

Who’s hungry? Because the 2024 season of MasterChef Australia is fast approaching, and we can hardly wait for the tasty new episodes to arrive. While we wait, however, we thought we’d compile a list of simple and tasty recipes from the show’s talented 2023 contestants. MasterChef at Home is set to return to our website for a fourth iteration, and in anticipation of that, we’ve revisited a collection of the best recipes we’ve received so far.

Who is keen to dig in?

MasterChef at Home 2023: Our favourite recipes of the year

Amy’s veal Milanese

veal milanese recipe masterchef australia
MasterChef Australia recipes. Credit: 10 Network

The first cab off the rank is this lovely Veal Milanese recipe from Amy. Perfect for a mid-week meal, it’s simple and yet, it’ll still impress.

Read the recipe in full here.

MasterChef recipes: Alice’s lazy dinner

paella masterchef 2023 recipes
MasterChef Australia recipes. Images supplied

Next, we have our personal favourite of the bunch, Alice’s “lazy” paella. This recipe is one that’s perfect for entertaining if you can’t really be bothered to whip up something super involved.

Read the recipe in full here.

Ralph’s milk tart

Are there any dessert fans in the room? Here’s a treat for you. Ralph shared a decadent recipe for a milk tart that’s perfect for a cosy night.

Read the recipe in full here.

MasterChef recipes: Grace’s cheesy pita

MasterChef recipes. Images supplied.

Spinach and cheese are a combo made in heaven. We all know this. If you’d like to indulge in the perfect snack that is a spinach and fetta pita, here is how you can make it.

Read the recipe in full here.

Antonio’s raspberry blondie recipe

Another option for the sweet tooths out there, Antonio shared a recipe for a raspberry blondie which sounds and looks incredible.

Read the recipe in full here.

If you want more dishes to experiment with after moving through the above, check out our list of recipes from MasterChef Australia 2022 and 2021, next.

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Lead Image Credit: MasterChef/Network 10

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