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The recipe for KFC chicken used to be a closely guarded secret. However, a former KFC employee recently leaked the alleged "11 secret herbs and spices" to the world - and after extensive testing, the recipe checks out.

This video shows you how to make bona fide KFC chicken at home. (The good news is, you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard already.)


When it comes to healthy snacking, most people concentrate on foods that are low in fat and sugar. However, effective satiation is also important - otherwise you'll end up snacking way more than you should.

Researchers from the University of Sydney set out to determine which foods are best at filling you up and keeping you full. The result is the Satiety Index Of Common Foods. It's essential reading for anyone on a diet.


Sticking to a healthy meal plan doesn't have to be hard. In fact, it can be easy when you have the right support behind you.

But the truth is, eating healthy takes time and dedication. Like most things, practise makes perfect and developing new habits takes a minimum of 21 days to establish so be kind to yourself when starting your new healthy routine, especially if you're going it alone.

Custom meal plans and support networks like Jenny Craig are a great way to fast-track your success and surround yourself with like-minded people. Here are five tips that will help you on your plight to healthy eating.


We eat a lot of ultra-processed food, and these foods tend to be sugary and not so great for us. But the problem isn't necessarily the fact that they're ultra-processed. This is a weird and arguably unfair way to categorise foods, so let's take a look at what "ultra-processed" really means.


It's hard to get excited about steamed vegetables. When done poorly, they range from totally unremarkable to actively disgusting - but done right, they're absolutely transcendent. I think this underrated technique deserves another look.


What happens if your picky-eating child doesn't grow out of it? What if you're begging a 15-year-old to just taste a green vegetable? After all, by the time they're adolescents, kids have spending money, autonomy, and access to plenty of junk food. So what is a parent supposed to do when the strategies they used when the kid was six simply don't work anymore?


Baking beautiful bread requires the skillful manipulation of three big, messy variables: technique, equipment, and ingredients. Poor technique accounts for most subpar results, but a sudden change in kitchen conditions or ingredient availability can throw even a seasoned baker for a loop. If your bread has started acting up for seemingly no reason, your water might just be the culprit.


If you're going to plop down a serious chunk of change for a fancy meat, you want to make sure you're actually getting the good stuff. To learn the difference between charcuterie trash and treasure, Epicurious enlisted meat expert Elias Cairo of Olympia Provisions to blindly taste a whole variety or meats at various price points.


Fat makes food taste good, but greasy food has a way of lingering in the air - and on the dishes - long after a meal has ended. If you're sick of finding oil slicks on dishes you could have sworn were clean, you owe it to yourself to fill a spray bottle with vinegar and keep it near your kitchen sink.


Apple pie, applesauce, apple crumble, apple butter - whether you're apple-picking or just stocking up at the supermarket, 'tis very much the season. But what about apple juice? Ubiquitous as it is, it's never been a home-kitchen staple. Unlike soft citrus fruits that can be squeezed by hand or with a simple tool, apples require a proper cold-press juicer… or do they?


Pre-cooked spiral cut hams -- also known as "city hams" -- were always my favourite part of Easter. Since there is no danger of undercooking, we're free to focus flavour. Heating and serving may seem simple enough, but you can overdo it in the oven. This leads to a dry, chewy pork product, and nobody wants that. Easter may be over - but how can you make your pre-cooked ham taste better?