4 Major New Video Games Releasing in May 2024

4 Major New Video Games Releasing in May 2024

We’re not even halfway through 2024, and it’s already been a very solid year for video game releases.

That isn’t changing in May with a handful of major releases, like a new Mario release, as well as a number of wholesome indies on the docket.

Let’s see what’s being released in the world of video games this month.

What new video games are coming out in May 2024?

Little Kitty, Big City

Release date: May 9

Everyone loves a wholesome cat game and Little Kitty, Big City is just that. The name is pretty self-explanatory, you play as a lil cat lost in a big ol’ city, with your main mission being to find your way home. Along the way, you’ll get to cause plenty of chaos and engage in cat-like activities such as chasing toilet paper rolls and wearing delightful hats. We’re sold.

Ghost of Tsushima (PC Release)

Release date: May 17

While Sucker Punch’s much-loved samurai game Ghost of Tsushima has been out for PlayStation users to enjoy since 2020, it’s been quite the wait for PC players. In May, the epic tale will release on PC, allowing a whole new group of gamers to enjoy the epic tale set on the stunning Tsushima island.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Release date: May 21

Senua’s Saga Hellblade II is a direct sequel to Senua’s Sacrifice and continues Senua’s tale of survival on a brutal journey through myth in Viking Iceland. This journey will see Senua confront darkness both internally and externally and uses the latest technology to craft a visually immersive world paired with epic gameplay.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Release date: May 23

A beloved classic from the GameCube, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door returns with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics for the Switch. The game tasks Mario with figuring out what the mystery is behind the ancient Thousand-Year door before the nefarious X-Nauts do. There’s a whole host of characters to meet on your journey and an array of wonderful worlds, all depicted in a unique 2D art style.

Major game release dates for May 2024

While we know that there are plenty of exciting games in development with 2024 release dates, we don’t have specific dates for all of them. However, here are a few of the major ones you should keep an eye on for the rest of May.

  • Endless Ocean Luminous (Switch) – May 2
  • MOTOGP 24 (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – May 2
  • Little Kitty, Big City (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – May 9
  • Animal Well (PS5, Switch, PC) – May 9
  • Crow Country (PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC) – May 9
  • Braid Anniversary Edition (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – May 14
  • Lorelei and the Laser Eyes (Switch, PC) – May 16
  • Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut (PC) – May 17
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (Xbox Series X/S, PC) – May 21
  • System Shock (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One) – May 21
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (Switch) – May 23
  • World of Goo 2 (Switch, PC) – May 23
  • F1 24 (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, PC) – May 31

If you’re keen for more video game release news stay tuned to Lifehacker Australia because we’ll bring you the list of the best games to play every month of the year. See last month’s releases here.

Lead Image: Sucker Punch/Nintendo


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