You Can Currently Get Optus’ Prepaid 60GB Plan For $12

You Can Currently Get Optus’ Prepaid 60GB Plan For $12
Contributor: Alex Choros
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If you prefer your mobile plans to be prepaid, and you’re looking for a cheap connection, then you might want to check out what Optus is currently offering. The telco has introductory discounts across a few of its prepaid plans, which means you can pick one up for as low as $12. As a bonus, these Optus plans include extra data for your first few recharges.

Here’s how Optus’ prepaid deal works, along with how it compares to what other mobile providers are offering in terms of data and price.

What is the Optus offer?

While this prepaid SIM plan is usually $35, you can pick it up for $12. This discount only last for your initial purchase, before increasing back to the standard billing rate. This offer is available until April 9.

There’s also a second offer available for this mobile plan, which involves various stages of extra data. If you pick up this prepaid Optus plan, your data allowance will be 60GB for the first recharge, before dropping to 40GB for the next two recharges and then down to the standard cap of 20GB from then on. The extra data offer is available until June 3.

If you want a bit more data, there’s a similar offer available for Optus’ $45 prepaid plan as well. You’ll get 80GB of data for your first recharge, then 60GB for the next two, and 30GB as the standard rate thereafter. You’ll also only pay $20 initially, before reverting to the standard billing price after your first recharge.

How does Optus compare with similar data caps?

As far as mobile plans with at least 60GB data though, this Optus offer is currently the cheapest. However, it isn’t the only telco running introductory pricing deals.

Boost Mobile’s $45 prepaid plan has been reduced to a starter price of $17, with a data cap of 60GB. This allowance lasts for your first three recharges, before decreasing to the standard data cap of 35GB. The plan’s pricing also becomes $45 after this initial price. Boost is powered by the Telstra 5G network.

Amaysim has a similar introductory offer – you’ll pay $18 initially, and then $40 per renewal after that. Unlike Boost and Optus, Amaysim’s data cap doesn’t change, so you’ll maintain a monthly allowance of 80GB throughout the life of your plan. Amaysim is powered by the Optus 5G network.

While it’s a bit more expensive than what Optus is offering, TPG has cut the price of its 60GB mobile plan in half. You’ll pay $20 per month for the first six months, and then $40 per month thereafter. That means you’ll pay less for longer while maintaining a 60GB data allowance the entire time. TPG is powered by the Vodafone 4G network.

If you don’t want to mess around with a data cap at all, Felix Mobile has an unlimited plan that’s $20 per month for the first three months, and then $40 per month after that. While this plan has unlimited data, your download speeds will be capped at 20Mbps.

How does Optus compare with similarly priced plans?

As you can see, for a plan priced at $12, Optus has the best dollar-to-data value going. However, due to the length of this discount period, that value is only short-lived.

If you’re set on only paying $12 for your mobile plan, there aren’t a lot of options. Most plans around this price point are on five to seven-day renewals. However, a few telcos are running introductory deals for their monthly plans.

TPG is offering half off all of its mobile plans, which means you can pick up its 12GB plan for $10 per month. This price will last for the first six months of your connection, before increasing to $20 per month once the discount period ends.

Coles Mobile is offering its $30 prepaid starter pack for only $12, which includes 32GB of data. However, much like Optus’ prepaid deal, this discounted price only lasts for your initial purchase and will increase to the usual $30 with your first renewal.

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