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A great many Australians spend thousands of dollars on overseas holidays without ever thinking to explore their own backyard first. Our mainland continent and neighbouring islands make for a truly vast playground - no matter what you happen to enjoy doing.

This infographic breaks down 24 Australian "bucket list" activities that you might not have known about; from visiting underground mining towns to swimming with saltwater crocs.


As the debate continues over whether Australia Day should be celebrated on January 26, it's time we take a look at the politics of some unresolved issues swirling around the holiday – namely, the republic and reconciliation. Here's why Australia Day survives, despite revealing a nation’s rifts and wounds.


While American shopping holiday Black Friday has spread across the world (just look at the Lifehacker front page right now!) Thanksgiving is one event that is, and always has been, quintessential USA. You might be surprised to find out, then, that one of the few places you can celebrate Thanksgiving outside of North America is on a tiny island that's part of Australia.


As an Australian you would have learned about monotremes from a young age: the tiny category of mammals that lay eggs like birds and reptiles. But you never really think about just how weird it is. Well here's something that's even weirder: platypus mothers produce milk, but they don't actually have nipples. So how the hell does it work?


Here's an interesting piece of trivia you won't find in your high school history book. When Captain James Cook "discovered" the southeastern coast of Australia in 1770, he wasn't actually a Captain. Furthermore, he never held this rank at any point during his naval career. Blame alliteration.


"Melbourne is more like San Francisco, while Sydney is more like L.A." That's according to Lifehacker's US readers, who were recently asked to share their tips on visiting Sydney. Here's some of the best - and weirdest - advice about "the town that Britain's convicts built."


The advent of the atomic bomb dramatically changed the course of history and, even today, looms as a threat for global catastrophe. From 1956 to 1963, Britain tested nuclear weapons at Maralinga, in South Australia, running hundreds of different experiments. The tests resulted in sickness and death for the local Indigenous populations, yet for many years, the fact these tests took place at all were kept secret from the Australian public.


Every language has its own slang and phrases you should master to sound like a true native speaker. Australian English is no exception.

You may have heard “G’day mate”, “fair dinkum”, and “strewth!” before, but the dialect is much broader than that. Try these next time you speak to an Aussie and you might convince them you’re “true blue”.


Soylent has been around for a while now, and some people swear by it. There is even a local version available downunder - Aussie Soylent. Figuring that just a taste test was not enough, I put my body on the line and spent 6 weeks surviving on Aussielent. We even have a recipe for those wanting to try and make their own.


A lot of people have strong feelings about flag burning. It's often considered to be the ultimate unpatriotic act or even a precursor to violence. If you really want people to think you hate your country -- burning the flag will usually do it. But regardless of the social and political implications of the act, is flag burning actually illegal?


According to data released today, there were 23,401,892 people who were counted in Australia on the night of the 2016 Census who were usually resident in Australia. After adjusting for undercount and adding back those who were overseas on census night, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that as of December 2016, Australia’s population was around 24.4 million.

Our population is growing – and fast. But can we trust the numbers?


Australia is renowned worldwide for our venomous and poisonous creatures, from snakes, spiders and ticks on land, to lethal jellyfish, stingrays and stonefish in our waters. Even the shy platypus can inflict excruciating pain if handled without due care.

Yet while injuries and deaths caused by venomous snakes and jellyfish are often sensationalised in the media, and feared by international visitors, a recent review found that very few “deadly” Australian animals actually cause deaths.


The latest World Happiness Report has just been released by the United Nations. The top ten was dominated by Northern Europe, with Norway taking out the top spot. The only countries in the Southern Hemisphere to make the cut were New Zealand and Australia - with the former beating the latter. That's right: Kiwis are officially happier and have better lives than their Antipodean neighbours.


Netflix is a pretty amazing service if you happen to be a fan of US movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of Aussie flavour at the moment, which is kind of the point of a localised service. With that in mind, we've assembled ten Aussie flicks that should definitely be included in the next content roll out. Get on it, Netflix!