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G'day! Here are some cracking online deals for Lifehacker readers, including: 82% off PureVPN plans, a free VIP Club coffee membership valued at $25, two video games for the price of one at Amazon Australia, 20% off at The Good Guys, and more!


Call it the Amazon effect. eBay Australia is now offering customers free delivery and returns via a new membership option called eBay Plus. It also comes with a host of special offers and features exclusive to eBay Plus members. Here's everything you need to know.


VPN software is pretty much mandatory these days. If you connect to any network that you can't 100 per cent trust, then you need to have VPN access - plain and simple. PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based provider with over 750 servers around the world that supports a wide range of different VPN protocols. And we've got two great deals for PureVPN that are exclusive to Lifehacker readers.


The end of financial year looms and that means it's sale time. If you're looking for a way to take advantage of depreciation and tax deduction laws, all while staying legal of course, then there are lots of deals to be had. Ebay has kicked things off with lots of deals on TVs (for the office boardroom perhaps) as well as smartphones, tools and other gadgets. Let's see what they've got.


The growth of online communications has led to a shrinking world where it’s easier than ever to learn about different countries.

However, picking up a new language is still the best way to truly appreciate a foreign culture.


Every now and then JB HiFi pulls a quick sale and today is one of those days. They're having a Wicked Wednesday sale with 5 percent off a bunch of deals as well as $300 off a 40-inch TV, 10 percent of Apple computers and a bunch of other deals. Here are five of the best.