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For a while, it seemed like Telstra plans were moving in the right direction. Prices were creeping down, and the value creeping up. But recently Telstra shifted direction again, and we're back to looking for cheaper alternatives.


If you already own a spanking new smartphone and are looking for a new SIM-only plan with heaps of data, Optus is keen to hear from you. The telco has launched a new Sim-only plan that boasts monthly data inclusions of 80GB for under $60! Here are the details.


The ACCC has put telcos on notice in a year where it feels like it's had to pull them up on misleading advertising every week. Its latest salvo warns companies to make sure their advertising is clear and not misleading - threatening vastly increased penalties for companies that mess up.


It's that time of year again when iPhone users scramble to renegotiate their contracts with a shiny new iOS device. This time around there's a choice between the iPhone XS and the truly massive iPhone XS Max. Here are all the Optus plans for both phones!


NBN provider MyRepublic has been ordered by the ACCC to pay penalties totalling $25,200 for alleged false or misleading representations about its NBN service performance. The ACCC said MyRepublic marketed its NBN services using statements such as “up to nbn100 Speed Tier” and “nbn50 Speed Tier” but that fine print disclaimers were ineffective as they were not prominent and did not provide clear information.


If you're on the lookout for a new BYO mobile plan, you should get your derriere to Optus asap - for a (very) limited time, the telco is doubling the data on all SIM only plans. This means you can score up to 80GB of mobile data every month without paying through the nose. Here are the details!


Optus has agreed to let SBS broadcast the rest of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Every remaining match - including the finals - can now be watched on free-to-air television: live, free and in HD. Hurrah!


On Monday evening, Optus sheepishly relinquished its World Cup streaming rights to SBS for 48 hours as it attempted to sort out its beleaguered network. (Insert "own goal" gag here.) Now, the telco has agreed to let SBS broadcast every match during the group stage. In addition, you will be able to access the same matches on the Optus Sport app for free. Here are the details!