12 of the Best Movies You Can Watch on Stan Right Now

12 of the Best Movies You Can Watch on Stan Right Now
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Australia’s homegrown streaming service Stan is full of excellent movies to suit every taste. From blockbuster releases to indie Aussie films to Oscar-winning classics, there’s something for everyone on the streaming service. But with so much to watch, where does one start?

To help you narrow it down, we’ve gathered some of the best movies you can find on Stan in Australia right now.

Best movies on Stan in Australia


Grease best stan movies
Best Stan movies, Grease.

If the recent passing of Aussie legend Olivia Newton-John has you itching to give 1970s classic Grease a rewatch, Stan is the place to go.

The film follows the story of high schoolers (who very much do not look like high schoolers), Danny (John Travolta) and Sandy (Newton-John), who meet and fall for each other while Danny is on vacation in Aus and later end up at the same school in the U.S.

Grease is about high school politics, status and young love – it also has epic musical scenes and a makeover scene for Sandy that has gone down in history.

Watch it here.


gold stan what to watch
Image: Stan (Supplied)

One of Stan’s latest and greatest homegrown original movies, Gold stars teen heartthrob turned movie star, Zac Efron. The film is about two drifters who stumble upon one hell of a gold nugget in the desert and try to figure out a way to get it home.

Watch it here.


pig best movies on stan
Image: Neon

Nicolas Cage is getting rave reviews for his latest movie, Pig, where he stars as a truffle hunter living alone in the Oregon wilderness. His life is uprooted after his beloved foraging pig is stolen, and he returns to his past in Portland to get it back.

Watch it here.

I Am Woman

i am woman stan movies
Image: Stan

We love nothing more than an Aussie underdog rising to the top, and Helen Reddy is one of those home-grown heroes.

I Am Woman tells the true story of Reddy as she leaves Australia for New York and tries to make her way in the music industry. In doing so, she becomes an icon of feminist movements everywhere with her hit anthem ‘I am Woman’.

Watch it here.

James Bond

12 of the Best Movies You Can Watch on Stan Right Now

The 25th James Bond movie was finally released last year, and Stan will be home to No Time To Die in 2023. In the meantime, why not catch up on the entire Bond catalogue?

Follow Bond through all his many iterations, from Roger Moore in Octopussy, Sean Connery in From Russia With Love, Pierce Brosnan in Goldeneye through to Daniel Craig in Spectre. All the Bond films have a home at Stan, so you’ll never run out of spy action.

Watch it here.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

hitman's bodyguard on stan movies

Following the recent release of The Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife, now is the time to catch up on where it all started.

This outrageous action-comedy stars Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds as the world’s top protection agent hired to keep the world’s most notorious hitman alive… Although, their greatest danger might be each other.

Watch it here.

The King’s Speech

kings speech stan

Are you itching for something to watch while waiting for the next season of The Crown?

The King’s Speech goes back to where it all began. Before Queen Elizabeth II, her father, King George VI (Colin Firth), was unexpectedly thrust onto the throne. Burdened by a nervous stutter, King George turns to a speech therapist to help him face his fears, and a heartwarming friendship grows between them.

Watch it here.


bridesmaids movies on stan australia
Best movies on stan.

If you’re looking for a laugh during your next movie night, go no further than Bridesmaids.

This hilarious comedy stars Kristen Wiig as the best friend of the bride (Maya Rudolph), who faces competition for her maid of honour status from an alpha bridesmaid (Rose Byrne).

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You’ll probably cry from laughing.

Watch it here.

The Dark Knight

12 of the Best Movies You Can Watch on Stan Right Now
Best movies on stan. Image: Warner Bros.

Superhero films are everywhere now, but back The Dark Knight is still one of the best.

The Batman story from Christopher Nolan (Inception), stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne who comes up against his greatest nemesis yet when a character known as the Joker (Heath Ledger) starts terrorising Gotham.

Watch it here.


it best movies on stan
Best movies on stan. Image: Warner Bros.

For horror fans, one of the best movies you’ll find on Stan is IT. Stephen King’s classic novel is brought to horrifying life in this remake which stars Bill Skarsgaard as the creepy clown Pennywise who torments children with their worst nightmares.

Watch it here.

What We Do In The Shadows

best movies on stan
Best movies on stan. Image: Madman Entertainment

If you’ve enjoyed the recent run of What We Do In The Shadows on TV, you should definitely go back to where it all started.

The movie, from the minds of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, is a mockumentary take on the vampire trend, following four bloodsuckers who move into a share house together and must deal with mundane human problems.

Watch it here.


seven best movies
Best movies on stan. Image: New Line Cinema

If you’re after a crime thriller to keep you up at night, look no further than Seven. The classic David Fincher film stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as detectives hunting down a sadistic serial killer who is using the seven deadly sins as a basis for murder.

Watch it here.

You can find all these great movies and much more streaming on Stan Australia right now.

Do you have a favourite? Let us know!

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