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Before streaming, finding a good documentary meant either scouring the local video store or plundering the depths of YouTube. These days, we’re spoiled for choice. Netflix has a huge library of docos on-demand so it can be hard to differentiate between the good and the bad. But that's where we come in.

Here are some of the best.


Australian streaming service Stan has been loading up their programming with tons of great TV shows and movies as of late, with a strong focus on exclusive content and Originals. If you've recently jumped on board (Preacher or Twin Peaks draw you in?), you might not be familiar with all the tricks and shortcuts you can use.

Here's the best ones we use all the time -- from finding 4K content to downloading your favourite shows.


The 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games might not be as big an event in global terms as the Olympics but they represent a watershed moment in Australian sports broadcasting. Clive Dickens is the COO of Seven West Media and leads the team that is bringing an unprecedented amount of broadcast and streamed sports content across the world. Seven West Media doesn't just have the local broadcast rights - they are also the host broadcaster which means they provide the images used by all the other international broadcasters covering the games. I spoke with Dickens at this week's AWS Summit about how they bring thousands of hours of sport to global audiences watching on everything from a 3.5 inch smartphone to massive screens in homes, pubs and clubs across the world.


We have access to so many unique services with so much great content that it's difficult to filter through it all. How many times do you go to start a new TV show but don't know whether it's worth the time? Every night? Same. When you do settle on one and it's three seasons long, it throws you - do you really want to spend all that time on a show that might not even be good?

Lucky for you, we've plucked 10 of Netflix's best new shows - and they're all still in their first season.


In our multi-screen world where video on demand is expected, the challenge is delivering high quality video that can scale to all the different screen sizes and resolutions people use. For broadcasters, who already have the cameras and people in place, being able to deliver the content to any endpoint, is critical. That's where AWS Elemental fits in.


If you're a Netflix junkie, you know the drill by now: you come home from work, kick off your shoes, decant that red you've been saving all week, and fire up Netflix. You then spend the next 45 minutes scanning through every single movie or TV show on the service to make sure you haven't missed anything that's a better candidate than that which you have already scrolled past.


I get paralysed by too many choices. Most nights when I flick on Netflix, if I am not already deep in a series, I just sit there flicking through the service until my mind explodes and I pick up all the brain pieces from the floor.

I’ve watched all the good stuff – but there are plenty of hidden gems on Netflix.


We have some potentially devastating news for Socceroos fans: in response to the ongoing stoush between Russia and our international allies, the government has announced that Australia may boycott the upcoming World Cup in Russia as a retaliatory response. Here are the details.


As the year marches onward, you might be asking "When does my favourite TV show come back?", "What new shows do I need to binge this year?" and "Wow, Netflix's Nailed It is really brilliant, right?" Well, we're here to answer all of those questions, bringing you the what and when of all of 2018's best TV shows.


April is the cruelest month, if you're a fan of Cool Runnings. The inspiring story of redemption and warm-weather bobsledding leaves Netflix on April 1. But Beethoven's Christmas Adventure arrives on Netflix the same day, just in time! But seriously, it's a good month for Netflix, especially for original series and documentaries.


Since it launched in 2015, the Australian version of Netflix has been adding a steady stream of content each month. While the selection of movies and TV shows is getting better, it still pales in comparison to the US version due to national licencing deals. Here's how to get the whole US catalogue in Australia - without getting slugged by the exchange rate.