Vodafone Is Doubling the Data for All of Its Mobile Plans for No Extra Cost

Vodafone Is Doubling the Data for All of Its Mobile Plans for No Extra Cost
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If you’re someone who needs a lot of monthly mobile data, Vodafone may have the answer you’ve been looking for. The provider is currently running a deal across all of its SIM Only plans, where their total data allowance has been doubled for no extra cost. This means you can now score a whopping 600GB of data for only $65 per month.

Here’s what Vodafone’s mobile plans look like, along with how this double data deal compares to what other providers are offering.

What does Vodafone’s double data deal look like?

Here’s how Vodafone’s double data offers shake out:

  • $45 per month: now 80GB, instead of 40GB
  • $55 per month: now 300GB, instead of 150GB
  • $65 per month: now 600GB, instead of 300GB

Considering that Vodafone’s usual 300GB plan is $65 per month, this double data offer means you’ll only be paying $55 per month for the same monthly allowance.

This double data offer is available until September 4. As long as you stay connected, you’ll retain this double data for the life of your plan. Good news if you’re the kind of person who prefers to set and forget, bad news if you like to hop from plan to plan, provider to provider.

If you cap any of Vodafone‘s plans, you won’t be charged for any extra data that you use but your download speeds will be capped at 2Mbps.

How does this offer compare with other mobile providers?

While Vodafone’s 80GB plan has some decent dollar-to-data value, it doesn’t have the best offer within its price range. Belong, MATE and NuMobile are all offering plans at the same price point, but with more data – 100GB, 120GB and 90GB, respectively. MATE also has the added edge where you’ll only have to pay $1 for your first month with the provider.

There’s also Kogan‘s plan, which is also offering 80GB but at $40 per month.

Here’s a list of mobile plans with at least 80GB of data:

The real value of Vodafone’s double data deal comes from its larger mobile plans.

After Vodafone’s Large SIM Only plan, the closest competitor is Optus‘ 500GB Plus Promo plan. While Optus’ plan is some great value in its own right (we’ve covered it here previously), Vodafone beats it out on both monthly price and total data allowance. The price of Optus‘ plan isn’t static, either – you’ll pay $69 per month for the first 12 months you’re connected, and then $89 per month thereafter.

After Optus, the next two closest plans come from Vodafone and Telstra, which are offering 300GB for $55 per month and $95 per month, respectively. If you don’t think you’ll ever come close to touching 600GB per month, Vodafone’s Medium SIM Only plan is a good big data alternative.

Here’s a list of mobile plans with at least 200GB of data:


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